OnLive launches $9.99/month all-you-can-eat plan

It's like Netflix, but for games

If you like streaming Netflix movies to your TV, computer, and iPhone, you mayappreciate the new unlimited "game streaming" plan thatOnLive has just launched. For about $10 a month, you'll be able to play some of today's top games as often as you want.

"Countless members asked us for an 'all-you-can-play' video game plan, and we're giving it to them. Now players have the option to blaze through a bunch of amazing titles that they may have missed the first time around or dig deep into one immersive world at a time. It's a never-ending supply of entertainment -- all for a monthly fee that's a fraction of the cost of a single console game," said OnLive VP John Spinale in a statement.

The new subscription-based model, called the OnLive PlayPack, does not include everything in the OnLive library. It requires a different set of licensing agreements with game publishers, but so far, 38 titles from companies like Square Enix, Epic Games, 2K Sports, and Konami are available.

OnLive launched last year - check outour reviewfor our thoughts on the system. More information on the games available can be found at

Feb 1, 2011

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