Omega Five - Xbox Live Arcade

Sept 12, 2007

Xbox Live Arcade doesn’t appreciate your stereotypes, dammit, and it’s ready to do something about it - that something being Omega Five. With its mercilessly ball-busting difficulty, this old school, side-scrolling shooter will never be mistaken for anything remotely resembling a “casual game.”

Of course, it still easily falls into the “retro” category, which is the other common label for Live Arcade titles. But this isn’t a re-make of some obscure ‘80s shooter you’ve never heard of - it’s a brand new game. Thanks to that, it’s able to draw some inspiration from the past while forging ahead in ways that help it stand out from the arcade-era competition.

The most obvious department for that is the visuals, which are fully 3D with a rainbow of eye-catching weapon effects that grow more and more elaborate with every weapon upgrade and power-up unlocked throughout the campaign. There are also some interesting environmental touches; particularly in the first level we were shown. This stage has a sci-fi, frozen wasteland look reminiscent of Lost Planet, and as you start the level you’ll see some light snowfall that slowly grows to an all-out blizzard. It’s a subtle shift that helps to add tension without you even realizing it.


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