Oblivion PS3 online plans not finalized

As kids, we grew accustomed to the age-old debate where “our dad could totally beat up your dad.” Naturally, that argument segues into today’s “Xbox Live is totally hotter than PlayStation Network.” Well, now there’s more news to fuel that ever-swirling debate.

Next Generation is reporting that Bethesda - creators of the life-consuming uber-RPG Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - is having difficulty with Sony’s online service. Seems that Bethesda wants to support downloadble content for Oblivion, but has no clue about how to implement that feature. Oh, and the game comes out next month. Swell.

“We plan to support downloadable content on PS3, but we couldn’t tell you how or when it will be out, because it’s not clear how we’re going to do that yet,” said spokesperson Pete Hines. He added, “Although it’s impossible to say which is the better between [Xbox Live and PS3 Online], Xbox Live is easier to implement because we’ve had a much better sense of it an earlier state than with PS3.”

A case of a large third-party developer bitching about user-friendliness or another swipe at Sony’s continuing difficulty to ease the programming process? One thing’s for sure, the PlayStation Network does have a robust online service, but it'll be a while before the training wheels are off and it’s riding side-by-side with Xbox Live.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion hits the PS3 on March 17.

February 26, 2007


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