Not just Final Fantasy

Children of Mana (DS)
Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS)

Above: Dragon Quest VIII was a turn-based role-player, but Rocket Slime takes its action-puzzle ideas from Zelda, not its big brother

The addition of two more DS games should keep you from even touching your other systems this year. Children of Mana is another entry in the action-RPG series. You can find out more info in ourhands-on.Rocket Slime expands the Dragon Quest universe to the realm of action with an RPG that casts you as the lovable blue mascot of the series, the slime monster, and has you squirm through puzzles to save your pals.

These games are hardly the total of the lineup. For one, some PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 secrets are certainly in store. And the company has a lineup of cell phone games - including Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis, which takes place six years prior to the series' biggest fan-favorite, which should finally see US release sometime this year.