Ninja Gaiden hits the DS

We're not just paranoid - ninjas are everywhere lately. So with Tecmo's official announcement of Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword for the Nintendo DS, we can triumphantly emerge from underneath our beds, tell our spouses "we told you so" and regain a small semblance of our dignity. Hot on the heels of the recent PS3 showcase, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Team Ninja's omnipresent swordsman, Ryu Hayabusha, is going portable later this year.

We advise you to click the above Image tab to see what's in store, because it would appear that Dragon Sword is looking to make legitimate use of the touch screen. The game is promising to take your stylus "slash for slash" by holding the DS as if you were playing one of those games purporting to train your brain. Because freeing up that extra hand could make throwing shirukens, and drawing symbols to cast ninpo magic as easy as sending emoticons to pedophiles. Okay… maybe we are getting paranoid.

April 2, 2007


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