New trailer for Red Tails

A new trailer has been posted online for Lucasfilm’s upcoming WW2 drama Red Tails , and it’s safe to say it should please fans of the star-spangled banner.

Packed with rousing speeches and adrenaline-soaked action sequences, the trailer is pretty stirring stuff, even if some of the dialogue appears to be slightly on the clunky side.

Most importantly, the flight sequences look to have been pulled off with real panache. One set-piece involving a clash between plane and train stands out as particularly breathtaking. Check out the new teaser, and see for yourself…

The film tells the true story of the historic Tuskegee Airmen, the first unit of African Americans to engage in WW2. Naturally they face plenty of prejudice from the crusty old guard of the US military, but their flying skills are more than sufficient to pay the bills.

Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Bryan Cranston head up director Anthony Hemingway’s starry cast, with supporting roles going to Michael B Jordan, Ne-Yo, Method Man and David Oyelowo.

There’s also a part for The Wire ’s excellent Andre Royo, who stole plenty of hearts on that show with his spellbinding performance as heroin addict Bubbles.

Whilst this one could well teeter into melodrama, there’s enough excitement on display within the trailer to convince us it could still be a winner. And we’ve always wanted to see Method Man in a period film...

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