New Super Mario Wii exits and secrets guide

If two players simultaneously butt stomp it becomes a super stomp, killing distant enemies with wobbly sound energy.

Spin jump by flowers and they spit out a coin. Gross, but good when you're just short of a 1-up.

Mario’s current powerup alters his journey around the map. Try not to coo too hard when penguin Mario rides hills on his belly. Aw, bless – look at him go…

Pokeys turn into oranges on the music beat. In their orange state Yoshi can eat them up in one go, and then poop out a powerup. Er, yum?

Beat a level with a full 99 life count and Mario loses his hat. It’s Nintendo’s way of saying hats off to you. Those guys, eh?

Prick up your ears in the end credits and you’ll hear Peach say “I’ll wait for you on the night of the Star Festival” – a set-up for Mario Galaxy 2, perhaps?

This isn’t the first time Kamek pops in to help magic up some boss fights. He performed similar spells in Yoshi’s Island, although they’re a bit more graphically impressive now.

Enter Peach’s Castle and the Peach Castle theme from Mario 64 kicks in. Deliberate nostalgia or cheap music recycling? Either way, we love it.

Fancy some more platforming beyond Worlds 1 to 8? Collect all the star coins in each world to unlock one of World 9’s super-tough levels.

Look carefully and you’ll notice that Mario always looks toward his nearest threat. Just one of those finger-tingling Nintendo touches.

In the Toad rescue missions, the type of Toad house that appears after is decided by the last digit on the clock when you hit the flag: green if 0, 1, 2, 3; red if 4, 5, 6; gold if 7, 8, 9.

Listen carefully in the Toad houses – the music is a slight remix of the jolly theme to Galaxy’s Toy Time Galaxy.

Dec 8, 2009