New Sam & Max art released

[PC] New renders offer a look at what the absurdist adventure game has in store

Developer Telltale Games has just released a handful of renders of the upcoming Sam & Max, the episodic adventure that will finally give fans a sequel to 1993's Sam & Max Hit the Road. While not actually screenshots, the renders are consistent with the look of Telltale's Bone games, and probably aren't far off from what Sam & Max will actually look like.

Fans of the Sam & Max comics will instantly recognize the freelance-police duo's dingy office and horrible neighborhood, but the renders also show off new, neighboring businesses such as Bosco's Inconvenience, Stinky's Diner and Sybil's, a 24-hour piercing/tattoo/psychotherapy parlor. Additionally, they offer a glimpse of two new characters, Sybil and Bosco.

To check out the screens, just hit theImages tab above.

July 25, 2006


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