New red band trailer for Seven Psychopaths: watch now

Seven Psychopaths has released a new red band trailer online, and it's every bit as gleefully daft as the original green-band affair. Except with more effing and blinding, obviously.

In one of the more out-there plots we've seen this year, Colin Farrell plays a struggling writer who finds himself dragged into the bad books of a local gangster (Woody Harrelson) when his best pal (Sam Rockwell) and his associate (Christopher Walken) steal the big man's dog.

Once again, the awesome ensemble cast look to be on great form, with Christopher Walken making off with every scene he appears in. For a man who spent so much of his career terrifying us, his comic timing really is impeccable.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

Tom Waits looks to have bagged himself a peach of a role, weirding the place out as a bunny-stroking oddball, while Colin Farrell looks a good pick as the (relatively) normal guy anchoring proceedings. And as we mentioned before, the cravat-sporting Walken just owns it.

Directed by In Bruges helmer Martin McDonagh and co-starring Olga Kurylenko, Abbie Cornish and Gabourey Sidibe, Seven Psychopaths opens in the US on 12 October 2012, with a UK release on 7 December. We can hardly wait...


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