Mortal Kombat II Fatality video

We've got a new Mortal Kombat II video up for your viewing pleasure today, and it's the reason the internet was invented. The inner children of all of us with overprotective parents, or the unlucky lot who only possessed the first, defiantly bloodless, Super Nintendo version, will surely squeal with delight watching the plasma flow like cherry-flavored oatmeal.

By today's standards it all seems relatively quaint, but Mortal Kombat saw itself at the forefront of loud little battle of morality and censorship in its heyday. Thankfully, violence and general dismemberment have become the industry norm, and we've heard nary a peep concerning mature game content ever since. Right? Unlike today's the spoiled Youtube youth, the option of watching a well-edited Fatality compilation didn't even exist for us back in '93, and we're still a little bitter, so if you're under 17 you'll have to watch this  instead. Sorry, Junior.

Currently with no release date, Mortal Kombat II should be up for purchase soon at the Playstation Store at a price more than fair. Until then you can watch the vid at your discretion, or check in on our very own, "nexter-gen" Mortal Montage here.

And settle down Moms, it's not all gore. The movie conatins a geniuine act of “Friendship” courtesy of Johnny Cage. Because what's a couple of decapitations between friends?

March 19, 2007

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