Modern Warfare 3: Take a look around the Overwatch map in new trailer

Real actual army-soldier Rob Riggle presumably knows a thing or two about the business of Marining: you don't make Lieutenant Colonel by setting off claymores or absorbing Pavelow attacks, after all. Indeed, the Marine-slash-comedian's skills are such that he can apparently stand in the middle of Modern Warfare 3's next battlefield without taking a scratch – which outfits him pretty well to take you through a preview of the map.

360-owning Elite subscribers, this video's more a PSA than anything else: you'll be getting Overwatch next Tuesday without having to do a damn thing for it. Pay-as-you-go players and PS3 Elitists, you'll get your shot soon – by which time Valentine's Day will be long gone and Riggle will presumably have to find another holiday to symbolically put a bullet through.


  • ToThe9thPower - February 17, 2012 2:45 p.m.

    Uhh? Paragon what are you talking about? Back in November, Activision already had FOUR MILLION Elite subscribers. That is a crap load for a service they literally just launched with MW3. The number has probably gone up from that too. So who you know is irrelevant. I do not own MW3, Nor am I an elite subscriber, but getting content spread out over 9 months instead of waiting for map packs months later IS a great idea. Hate on COD all you want, but many games could benefit from releasing content this way.
  • ParagonT - February 17, 2012 4:06 p.m.

    Uh ToThe9thPower, what are you talking about? Its 1.5 million subscribed paying users since this Feburary, not 4 million. That number is obviously the FREE Elite users combined with paying. Know your facts, your idea about what is relevant is clearly misguided. You think Activision is here to give you the better deal? It's obviously to receive the money up front in order to garuntee payment without showing you the DLC products, which is fine for those who don't care what they're paying for, but that's not for everyone as you think it is. Spreading out content is fine, I never said it wasn't a good idea anyway, and I never said I hated CoD, but what bothers me is that if players consider the amount of content they are getting from MW3 to be a "good deal", how do they figure this? On Black ops you get 4 maps and a Zombie map for $15 Dollars. F.E.A.R. or all the DLC except the Rezurrection pack gives you that same amount all for a total of $45 dollars, $5 dollars cheaper than $50 for 12 maps, 4 mission, and 2 classified items you are planned to receive for MW3 which is nearly the same amount of content. The last Pack gives you four re-mastered levels, Zombie level, and soundtrack all for free if you bought the hardened or above version of the game, but I won't count that. In all, what I do not get is why people
  • ParagonT - February 17, 2012 2:27 p.m.

    As I've stated before, these maps are mainly hype based. I don't know of many friends I have here at college that even gets the maps due to Elite. Once the map comes out for Elite players the hype slowly gets down to a point where my friends have practically forgotten its existence, and has become uninterested.

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