Microsoft defends Elite hard drive price

Price "comparable" to equivalent PC drives, says Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg

Microsoft's Xbox product manager Aaron Greenberg has defended the $180 price tag of the upgraded 'Elite' 120GB Xbox 360 hard drive, calling the cost "comparable" to that of equivalent drives currently on sale.

You probably would've missed the commotion if you're not a forum regular, but many internet posters have complained that the larger drive is far more expensive than an off-the-shelf PC product - something that, because of extra testing, Microsoft says is just not true.

"We know it is expensive and we have definitely heard that feedback but it is a little apples and oranges to compare it to internal PC hard drives," Greenberg told weekly podcast Game Theory, adding that the reason PC drives are cheaper is because "those are off the shelf drives that you have to install yourself. You have to format those and figure out how you are going to move your content over.

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