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Mercury Meltdown Revolution review

The mercury rising in the thermometer of rage approaches terrifying proportions

And there%26rsquo;s more to the game than running along a board, avoiding various pitfalls - it%26rsquo;s not just Monkey Ball with gelatinous gloop. Revolution takes advantage of the blob%26rsquo;s unique, changeable properties to introduce more puzzly elements into the gameplay. You can change the blob%26rsquo;s state - cooling it down makes it hard and able to cross rails and move faster, while heating it up liquefies it again. You can run through color rays to change color, and to access different areas. You can also split your blob into numerous different balls, changing each one into a different color. For example, one level starts with around 16 different balls each in different sections of the board, which was almost enough to make us throw a second remote out of the window.

Each level steps up, introducing a new challenge: fans that blow you off the board or helpfully up over barriers; pressure points that can only be activated with a full, heavy blob of mercury; exploding blocks that follow you around the board; not to mention moving carpets, transporters, lifts, slides, crumbling blocks and all kinds of gameplay specifically designed to drive you quickly and effectively insane.

More Info

DescriptionArcher Maclean's inventive puzzler blib-blobs onto Wii, complete with tilt-sensitive controls.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date (US), 25 May 2007 (UK)