Mega Man Week: Pixel robot factory!

Mega Man bosses are among the best sprites to build for two specific reasons - they come in every shape, size and color, and they're always striking some kind of ready-for-the-dance-floor pose. Elec Man (one of our faves) looks suitably '70s in his black and yellow one piece, just waiting for someone else to come along and get this goddam party started.

Unfortunately, Cut Man is all business.

The first enemy of the first game (depending on how you play), Cut Man is one of the most recognizable robot masters. His large scissor head strikes a great silhouette and the total lack of skin means you can make a 100% authentic replica. There he's posed with Magnet Man, one of the pieces we built last year:

We also tried blending blocks to create flesh tones, a feat you might have seen last year in our Mega Man/Link combo:

That kinda works, but you still end up with pink face or orange face. There's really no good alternative, so that's definitely something to consider before plunking down a bunch of money on blocks. If you're cool building robots or other NES things with no skin, however, these can't be beat.

Jul 2, 2008