Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version launching with 3DS eShop

Capcom makes downloadable Mega Man game the premier title for the unfinished online store

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Early adopters of the 3DS may feel like they%26rsquo;ve been waiting a long time for Nintendo%26rsquo;s eShop to go live, but that%26rsquo;s nothing compared to what Mega Man Legends fans have endured. A modest success on the PSOne and N64, Legends has been a dormant franchise for years, and its cult fanbase has been begging for a sequel for over a decade. During September of last year Capcom finally announced a third game was being made for the 3DS, and today the company gave it arelease date%26hellip; sort of%26hellip;

See Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version will be the first downloadable game exclusive to the 3DS, but Nintendo has yet to give a concrete date on just when that feature will be added to the new handheld. Rumors point to a system update in May when the eShop will go live with all the old DSiWare games along with MML3 starting the 3D download party.

MML3%26rsquo;s new subtitle Prototype Version is fitting, as it includes both completed missions and unfinished areas that players are encouraged to give feedback on. Legends 3 was created with the concept of getting the fans involved in the development process, so we%26rsquo;re curious to see just how the game grows from here. Also, after the cancelling of Mega Man Universe following the exit of Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune from Capcom, we%26rsquo;re relieved that MML3 wasn%26rsquo;t also on the chopping block.

To ease the wait for that vague time in May when Nintendo starts selling downloadable 3D games, here%26rsquo;s some more of the fresh screens Capcom gave us for the downloadable darling. Enjoy!

Apr 21, 2011


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