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Mario Kart Wii Cheats

  • Mushrooms from Goombas

    Entry location: Any track with Goombas in it
    If you hit a Goomba with a shell or any attacking item, it will disappear and produce a mushroom.
    Submitted by Big G

Mario Kart Wii Easter Eggs

  • Golden Wii Wheel

    Use the Wii Wheel a whole bunch in all modes, and when you go online a golden Wii Wheel will be next to your name.
    Submitted by Smorgasboarder

Mario Kart Wii Glitches

  • Play As The Same Character

    Have Player 1 choose the character that both players want to be. Then unselect that character and have player 2 choose him, her or it. Then back out of the character selection menu. When you go back into the selection screen you will both have the same character selected. Have both players pick that character and play the race as you normally would.
    Submitted by Yoshimo
  • Grumble Volcano: Major Shortcut

    As soon as you start Grumble Volcano, don't speed boost. Reverse until you fall. DON'T take the ramp you get put at just yet! Look left, you'll see a big rock. Jump closest to the rock and keep going in circles counter clockwise (Left). Keep repeating it until you get to the third lap ,then go around the rock but go to the finish line at the end.
    Submitted by Awesome Driver

Mario Kart Wii Hints

  • Boost Start

    When the countdown starts wait till the 2 starts to disappear and then press and hold the 2 button to get a short boost at the beginning of the race.
    Submitted by Snoozing Snorlax
  • Boost After A Fall

    If you run into something, like water or falling out of the track, if you hit 2 the moment you're placed back on the ground, you'll receive a quick boost.
    Submitted by Racetrack Raymond
  • Lessing Effect of POW Blocks

    If you look at the picture of a Pow block on your screen when you are about to get hit by one: it goes normal, gets squashed a bit, then you spin round. If you do a wheelie just before you spin, it won't slow you down as much. (You will still use your items, though)
    Submitted by me
  • Retro Shortcuts

    DS Delfino Square- Before bridge (mushroom needed)
    SNES MC3 - gaps through walls (mushrooms needed)
    N64 M raceway- Cut over hill (mushroom needed)
    GCN Peach Beach- left at water
    Submitted by Monkey Monster
  • Boost on Ramps

    When you are on a ramp or bump tilt the wheel up and you will do flips and tricks. When you land you'll get a boost.
    Submitted by Tash loves X-MEN :)
  • Escape A Blue Shell

    Getting away from blue shell's is tricky. If you have a mushroom, use it just as the shell is hitting you. It's hard to time exactly right, so practice.
    Submitted by assap
  • POW Block Avoidance

    When someone is hitting a POW block, get some air and do a trick and you won't spin out.
    Submitted by Cheat Man
  • Block a Shell

    If there is a shell (not blue) about to hit you and you have a banana, throw it behind you and the shell will stop
    Submitted by kart master1
  • Wario's Gold Mine Shortcut

    On the level Wario's Gold Mine, when you see the karts carrying gold, follow them off the ramp and you'll get to the shortcut.
    Submitted by prime1o1
  • Coconut Mall Shortcut

    From the start of coconut mall go up the escalator. There will be a little opening on the right, and you'll need a mushroom.
    Submitted by mike
  • Avoiding Red Shells

    When you are about to get hit by a red shell, throw a banana, green shell or a red shell backwards to stop it.
    Submitted by toad fan 95
  • Stop a Blue Shell on Rainbow Road

    If you are about to be hit by a blue shell on Rainbow Road, when you go into the Star Cannon the blue shell goes away. In other levels with cannons this is not so.
    Submitted by mario kartzz
  • Tips For Beating Ghost Data

    These are a few ways to help you beat that ghost:
    1. Watch the Video first. It might have a few secrets.
    2. Use your mushrooms wisely. I like to use one per lap, and sometimes the track will be all curvy, but if you use a schroom, you can zoom through the grass.
    3. Use bikes instead of karts, that way you can get a boost from wheelies when you can.
    Submitted by tubasrok
  • Maple Treeway Shortcut

    Entry location: Maple Treeway
    When you're about to exit the windy bridge, look to the left and you'll see a second way that will lead you to a speed burst.
    Submitted by BoB da Builda
  • Another way to unlock Rosalina

    Entry location: Selecting GP Courses in Time Trials
    When you have a saved game of Super Mario Galaxy on your Wii, select any character and play 50 courses on time trial. This will not work if you don't have a saved file of Super Mario Galaxy. Good luck and have fun!
    Submitted by Rosalina Fan
  • Daisy Circuit Shortcut

    Entry location: Daisy Circuit
    Before you enter the figure 8, look to the right and you'll see a pink building with a staircase. At the end of the staircase is a boost where you can do a trick.
    Submitted by Shortcut Shaman
  • Rainbow Road Shortcut

    As you approach the figure of 8 in Rainbow Road, keep heading forward towards the large hole in the track. Boost as you near it and as you fly over the hole, do a trick. You will (hopefully) land without problem on the other side. If you have multiple mushrooms then you could attempt this again on the next hole.
    Submitted by RainbowRyder
  • Blue Shell Escape Trick

    If you are racing with a big group of characters, you are in first, and you hear the shell warning coming. Just slam on your brakes, don't worry about losing position, because when that blue shell hits that group, you can pass them.
    Submitted by da spectacular Stephen
  • Mushroom Gorge Short Cut

    At the start stay to the left and go off the edge (mushroom boost required not starting boost) and you will bounce on two mushrooms and jump over a wooden fence and continue on your race.

    P.S. It took me a long time to master this, so don't get frustrated your first time.
    Submitted by Ninja
  • Time Trial Tips

    Mario Raceway - Choose a good offroad car with high mini turbo. Just before the huge bend were the plants are boost in between them whilst drifting then let go of drift and do a trick up the ramp.

    Ghost Valley - On the final straight hit the yellow arrow but don't touch the line it takes about 3 secs of your time.
    Submitted by babyluigi=gr8
  • Maple Treeway Shortcut

    First go to Time Trial to find this because it could ruin your race in a cup. Don't get a speed boost at the start or you will miss it. Turn right at the start and you will see an opening in a fence. Use a mushroom and follow a path and hit the boost pads and you will end up right next the cannon way ahead of everybody.(choose a good off-roader like the Magikruiser in case you don't have any mushrooms.
    Submitted by babyluigi=gr8
  • Getting Rosalina without Super Mario Galaxy

    Entry location: Grand Prix
    I just found this myself. All you have to do to get Rosalina is get all Star Ratings on Mirror Mode in grand prix.
    Submitted by anon
  • How to avoid POW block

    Entry location: racing
    When you see the POW block pop up start shaking your wii wheel and you will only spin once instead of three times.
    Submitted by frtbomb
  • Unlockable modes

    Entry location: Grand Prix
    50cc karts and bikes: Beat all cups in 50cc
    100cc karts and bikes: Beat all cups in 100cc
    Mirror mode: Beat all cups in 150cc
    Submitted by Rithik

Mario Kart Wii Unlockables

  • Unlockable Characters

    Baby Daisy - 1 Star in all 50cc Wii-Cups
    Baby Luigi - Unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials
    Birdo - Play Time Trials on 16 different courses
    Bowser Jr. - 1 Star in all 100cc Retro-Cups
    Daisy - Win 150cc Special Cup
    Diddy Kong - Complete all 50cc Cups
    Dry Bones - Win 100cc Leaf Cup
    Dry Bowser - 1 Star in all 150cc Wii-Cups
    Funky Kong - Unlock 4 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials
    King Boo - Win 50cc Star Cup
    Mii (Outfit A) - Win 100cc Special Cup
    Rosalina - Have a Super Mario Galaxy savefile and she will be unlocked after some GPs
    Toadette - Play Time Trials on all 32 different courses
    Submitted by Snoozing Snorlax
  • Unlockable Races

    Leaf Cup - Win at least 3rd place in Banana Cup
    Lightning Cup - Win at least 3rd place in Leaf Cup
    Special Cup - Win at least 3rd place in Star Cup
    Star Cup - Win at least 3rd place in Flower Cup

    Mirror Mode - Win all Cups at 150cc
    Submitted by Snoozing Snorlax
  • Unlockable Vehicles

    Bubble Bike (small bike) - Win Mirror Leaf Cup
    Dolphin Dasher (medium bike) - Win Mirror Star Cup
    Magikruiser (small bike) - Play Time Trials on 8 different courses
    Nitrocycle (medium bike) - Attain at least 1 Star Rank for all 100cc Wii Grand Prix Cups
    Phantom (large bike) - Win Mirror Special Cup
    Quacker (small bike) - Win 150cc Star Cup
    Rapide (medium bike) - Win 100cc Lightning Cup
    Torpedo (large bike) - Unlock 12 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials
    Twinkle Star (large bike) - Win 100cc Star Cup

    Blue Falcon (small kart) - Win Mirror Lightning Cup
    Cheep Charger (small kart) - Attain at least 1 Star Rank for all 50cc Retro Grand Prix Cups
    Dragonetti (large kart) - Win 150cc Lightning Cup
    Piranha Prowler (large kart) - Win 50cc Special Cup
    Rally Romper (small kart) - Unlock 1 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials
    Royal Racer (medium kart) - Win 150cc Leaf Cup
    Turbo Blooper (medium kart) - Win 50cc Leaf Cup
    Submitted by Snoozing Snorlax
  • Golden Stars

    If you get a 1 star rank on all races in all cups, you'll get a star next to your name when playing online. If u have 2 star rank in every race on every cup, you'll have 2 stars next to your name and you'll get a third star with 3.
    Submitted by nathan.g
  • Mii (Outfit B)

    Unlock all 32 Expert time trials (you don't have to beat them), and you will unlock your Mii in Mario/Luigi overalls (depending on your Mii's preferred color).
    Submitted by Mr Moffat
  • Baby Daisy

    To unlock Daisy, every cheat or hint says to get a 1+ star ranking on every 50cc Grand Prix. It's not entirely true. I got a 3 star ranking a 2 star ranking and three 1 star rankings. That adds up to a total of 8 stars, there are 8 Grand Prixs to play, and I unlocked Baby Daisy without having to get a 1+ star ranking on 3 of the 8 Grand Prixs (this doesn't work for Bowser Jr. not sure about Dry Bowser).
    Submitted by Streetsurf44
  • B-Dasher Kart

    To unlock the medium Kart B-Dasher, you have to unlock all twenty-four expert staff ghost data entries. Below are the times needed to unlock them:

    Bowser's Castle - 03:04.836 - 02.55.017 - 02.42.098
    Coconut Mall - 02:30.764 - 02.24.788 - 02.13.333
    Daisy Circuit - 01:56.822 - 01.48.791 - 01.41.362
    DK's Snowboard Cross - 02:34.693 - 02.24.725 - 02.17.546
    Dry Dry Ruins - 02:30.949 - 02.21.681 - 02.14.286
    DS Delfino Square - 02:41.807 - 02.33.107 - 02.24.169
    DS Desert Hills - 02:10.233 - 02.01.141 - 01.52.686
    DS Peach Gardens - 02:34.894 - 02.29.006 - 02.16.777
    DS Yoshi Falls - 01:16.461 - 01.12.901 - 01.09.175
    GBA Bowser Castle 3 - 02:58.304 - 02.50.637 - 02.39.391
    GBA Shy Guy Beach - 01:45.568 - 01.39.255 - 01.32.867
    GCN DK Mountain - 02:57.744 - 02.50.248 - 02.38.130
    GCN Mario Circuit - 01:59.771 - 01.55.267 - 01.49.939
    GCN Peach Beach - 01:34.233 - 01.30.698 - 01.23.140
    GCN Waluigi Stadium - 02:32.882 - 02.24.645 - 02.12.367
    Grumble Volcano - 02:28.237 - 02.19.524 - 02.11.852
    Koopa Cap - 03:03.022 - 02.54.897 - 02.41.370
    Luigi Circuit - 01:29.670 - 01:24.957 - 01:19.419
    Maple Treeway - 02:58.633 - 02.50.229 - 02.37.812
    Mario Circuit - 01:44.777 - 01.39.183 - 01.33.702
    Moo Moo Meadows - 01:37.856 - 01.33.571 - 01.25.909
    Moonview Highway - 02:16.802 - 02.07.016 - 02.04.163
    Mushroom Gorge - 02:16.110 - 02.05.494 - 02.01.011
    N64 Bowser's Castle - 03:19.323 - 03.06.723 - 02.55.933
    N64 DK's Jungle Parkway - 02:58.264 - 02.49.028 - 02.37.782
    N64 Mario Raceway - 02:14.799 - 02.07.915 - 01.59.053
    N64 Sherbet Land - 02:48.651 - 02.37.784 - 02.28.356
    Rainbow Road - 03:05.895 - 02.59.293 - 02.44.734
    SNES Ghost Valley 2 - 01:06.595 - 01.03.752 - 00.58.907
    SNES Mario Circuit 3 - 01:38.880 - 01.34.828 - 01.26.659
    Toad's Factory - 02:22.480 - 02.12.784 - 02.05.593
    Wario's Gold Mine - 02:19.583 - 02.14.932 - 02.04.800

    Submitted by Guitarherogod7

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