Manhunt 2 rips off testicles

The first razor sharp shards of info on Rockstar's recently announced PS2, PSP and Wii murder mosh, Manhunt 2, have been unsheathed in the latest issue of the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine. And the descriptions of some of the game's bound-for-infamy kills make for pretty gruesome reading.

The harshest syringe kill, for example, involves Daniel Lamb, Manhunt 2 's chief murderiser, kicking an enemy to the ground and stomping on him before thrusting the lengthy needle into his foe's eye. What an eyesore. But by far the most unholy sounding defilement mentioned has to be this ill little puppy: "Later in the game, a member of The Project has both his plums and a pair of vertebrae removed with a pair of pliers." It's absolutely nuts.

Above: Compared to plier-powered testicle pulling, an axe to the head seems pretty tame

Other interesting bits revealed by UK's OPM:
• The Director, gangs, CCTV cameras and death row dodger, James Earl Cash, from the first Manhunt won't play a part
Manhunt 2 's main character, scientist Dr Daniel Lamb, is locked in a private asylum by The Project - shady backers of a top secret drugs-based weapons program that Lamb was working on
• After breaking out of the asylum, Daniel Lamb goes on the run with psychotic inmate Leo Kasper, who is happy to coach Lamb on the brutal art of violence
• Like the first Manhunt, kills are executed in three deadly shades - Hasty, Violent and Gruesome
• Environmental kills have been introduced (push an enemy face first into a live fuse box, for example)
• Loud ambient noises can be exploited by Lamb to drown out his own crashing about
• When hiding in shadows, if an enemy comes close the player will sometimes have to copy a button combo in order to regulate Lamb's breathing and ensure that he remains undetected
• Lamb can climb and crawl - two moves that Manhunt's James Earl Cash couldn't do
• Guns can be used for stealth kills

For the full, uncut Manhunt 2 details (with pictures and everything), be sure to pick up issue 4 of UK's Official PlayStation Magazine when it goes on sale this Wednesday.

March 5, 2007


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