Manhunt 2 goes multiplayer?

Here at GamesRadar, thinly veiled publicity mailings are nothing new; every so often, we'll get an envelope that's empty except for a "security badge" with a character's likeness, or a memo on official-looking letterhead that turns out to be a promo for some upcoming event. Sometimes these hint at interesting things, as does the "internal memo" we received today from "Dixmor Hospital for the Criminally Insane." Packed with two bloodstained plastic hospital bracelets bearing the names "Lamb, Daniel" and "Kasper, Leo" (as well as big, fat Manhunt 2 logos), the letter tersely refers to the escape of two asylum inmates who pose a "highly serious threat to society."

Daniel Lamb we already knew about, but this is the first time we've heard a mention of Leo Kasper. Given the apparent psychotic murder-binge nature of the game, however, we're willing to bet those two "threats" will be our new heroes when Manhunt 2 ships this summer.

In addition to revealing a juicy tidbit about Manhunt 2's storyline - goodbye snuff-film star, hello crazies - the revelation of two characters seems to hint that co-op play might be in the cards for this grisly stealth-horror sequel (or, failing that, some kind of partner system a la Kane & Lynch). If that's true, the possibilities for creative murder are enough to set the mind reeling.

If you'd like to see what's gotten us all worked up and speculating, here's the full text of the letter:

Internal Memo

High Security Ward


From: Dr. Whyte

To: Dr. Pickman

Re: Danny Lamb and Leo Kasper

Enclosed are Danny Lamb and Leo Kasper's ID bracelets found discarded after last night's incident. This is the only potentially damaging evidence we have found so far. I trust every possible precaution will be taken to ensure that any records relating to these patients are destroyed.

We are all too aware that both subjects pose a highly serious threat to society, let alone the very existence of 'The Project'. Both patients suffer severe psychotic episodes characterized by intense paranoia, involuntary psychotic reactions, delusional hallucinations and acute schizophrenic disorders.

I know I don't need to mention the severity of the consequences for us and 'The Project' if these patients have escaped.

We HAVE to track them down.

Dr. Whyte

February 13, 2007


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