Madden NFL 07 - Producer Interview

So, you're one of the millions and millions of potential Madden 07 players who have yet to fork over the cash for a shiny, new Xbox 360, and you'd like to hear a little about how Madden is going to play on your system this year? We've got you covered. We were given time in a windowless room to brain-beat Associate Producer Josh Looman, and he started singing like a canary before we even rolled up our sleeves. We're actually really lucky he was so coopoerative - it turns out, guys who hang with NFL players all the time are crazy-tough to intimidate, so our "bad cop" routine was doomed.

Now to the questions:

GamesRadar: Obviously, we've seen the Wii controller in use and the 360 graphics, and we understand the excitement. But the huge majority of fans are going to be buying this year's Madden on PS2 and Xbox. So, perhaps the most fundamental question is this: what are buyers of the current-gen version getting that the next-gen folks aren't?

Josh Looman: In terms of features, there is some new stuff this year that we’re adding that didn’t make it into next-gen. We’ve got NFL Network Mode, the new scouting system featuring the College All-Star game, Player Roles in Franchise, New Salary Cap Logic in Franchise, Current-gen specific Mini-camp drills in Superstar Mode, the new Pre-Play Control Menu, Team Specific Defensive Playbooks and lots of new Current-gen specific animations.

GR: A Defensive Playbook, eh? What can you tell us about it?

JL: That’s only in current-gen Madden. We decided to add Team Specific Defensive Playbooks this year because we felt like the generic playbooks we had in the game didn’t accurately represent what NFL teams used. We added those and I think people will be pleased with the results.

GR: QB Vision was one of last year's big features that met with a somewhat mixed reaction from fans. Will we see changes in Madden 07?

JL:  There will be some slight changes. We decided to make the feature less obtrusive this year. It’s still there for the hardcore guys who love it, but unless you decide to use it (by moving the right stick during a pass play), passing will return to how you’ve been used to it in the past. We also wanted to make sure that if you do use it, you get a noticeable bonus for good decisions.

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