Logan movie: cast details, trailer breakdown, and everything you need to know

Fast Facts

Logan movie release date: March 3 2017 (US)/ March 2 2017 (UK)

Director: James Mangold

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E Grant

Writers: James Mangold, Michael Green, Scott Frank

Update: November 16, 2016 - New Logan poster shows Wolverine and X-23 on the run

A new poster for the Logan movie has been released and while it shows the same two characters who were featured on the first, it reveals a lot more than just their hands this time. Wolverine and X-23, or Logan and Laura if you prefer, are on the run from some very bad people as this poster confirms. Hugh Jackman's superhero is doing everything he can to protect his young ward - here's hoping it'll be enough.

See the new poster in full below and read on for everything we know about the Logan movie so far...

The Logan movie sees Hugh Jackman return as Wolverine for the final time

And so we come to the end of a 17-year journey that saw Hugh Jackman step into the leather jacket and dogtags of Wolverine over a total of nine X-Men movies. Logan looks to be a particularly fitting swan song for the mutant, its R-rating giving him free rein to pop his claws through some heads as well as other acts of outlandish violence. This will be the most real world-feeling Wolverine movie of the three, and is set after Days of Future Past, in what will no doubt be the end of the jumbled timeline begun in Bryan Singer's 2000 movie. Here's everything we know so far.

The Logan movie is arriving next March

Logan's official release date is March 3, 2017 in the US, and the day before in the UK on March 2. Filming had begun by March earlier this year, and then the movie wrapped in mid-August. If you're interested in snapshots from the film's production, check out the gorgeous shots James Mangold has been posting on the film's official Instagram feed of late. 

The trailer gives fans a first look at Wolverine's nightmarish future

While the Logan trailer's use of Johnny Cash's Hurt is perhaps too on the nose, it successfully sets the film apart from the sort of gloomy orchestral scores or stock music you tend to find in superhero movie trailers, and establishes the film as a character piece with a very specific tone. In this trailer, you can spot Logan at a funeral, then towards the end, he's seemingly burying someone. Who died? The returning Professor X, now clearly a very old man, or another of Logan's old crew?

We see how Wolverine's healing factor is weakened, too, with blood on his fists where his claws usually appear and a bunch of lasting scars on his body. In the Red Band version of this trailer, we get to witness Logan pop his claws inside a dude's head. 

We also see that Logan and Professor X are joined by a mysterious young girl in this film. Even at this early point, we're pretty sure we know who that is.

The Logan movie director returns to the Wolverine franchise

James Mangold returns to direct Logan, after helming 2013's somewhat forgettable but occasionally stylish The Wolverine. He's also the film's co-writer, and as the director of the 2006 Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line, his choice of music in the trailer is not entirely surprising. Mangold has described the film as being built on the themes of superhero movies, but different in tone, and more realistic in its portrayal of violence. 

The Logan movie cast includes Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and... Stephen Merchant?

Hugh Jackman returns to play Wolverine for the last time after six X-Men movies and three solo films, and has described Logan as a "perfect way to go out". He's joined by Patrick Stewart as a fragile Professor X, last seen in 2014's time-hopping sci-fi epic Days of Future Past. Dafne Keen plays Laura, the girl seen holding Logan's hand in the film's poster and trailer - Mangold named her as such on his Instagram page.

The Office co-creator Stephen Merchant plays the albino Caliban, who in the comics is the leader of a faction called the Morlocks. According to The Wrap, Merchant's Caliban character will help take care of Professor X, whose memory and powers fade in and out. Actor Boyd Holbrook plays a character called Pierce, while Richard E Grant reportedly plays villain Zander Rice - more on them in a bit.

The Logan movie story is all about the end of the road for mutantkind

Logan is at least partly inspired by the acclaimed comic storyline Old Man Logan, where a retired Wolverine is dragged into one last Unforgiven-style quest in a desolate world where the supervillains won. Here, it seems that mutantkind is dying out in a grim-looking near-future setting, and that the X-Men as they were no longer exist. 

Logan's story will explore "the idea of mutants when they’re no longer useful to the world, or even sure if they can do what they used to do," James Mangold tells Empire. He also talks about loneliness and family as themes. Logan's hit the bottle hard to help him deal with his diminished healing factor, according to a script page posted by Mangold. In the trailer, we see that Logan decides to pick up Laura, who is a lot like Logan according to Professor X, and they journey together. 

Meanwhile, the villains of the film appear to be the anti-mutant cyborg faction the Reavers. Mangold has dropped hints about this for weeks on his Instagram page, labelling a photo of actor Boyd Holbrook as 'Pierce', suggesting he's playing X-Men villain Donald Pierce, and a picture of a man with a cybernetic arm carrying a machine gun as 'Reaver'. It doesn't take a genius to connect the dots and assume that they're tracking Logan and Laura down. They're likely part of something larger.

The Wrap's insider report discusses a government initiative called 'Transigen', which makes child mutants kill. Richard E Grant's Zander Rice is reportedly the head of a reopened Weapon X program. The report also mentions that Laura has claws, like Wolverine, but two instead of three. That takes us nicely onto...

Logan movie: X-23 makes her debut in the final Wolverine film

This is a total non-mystery at this point: the film's 'Laura' character is almost certainly the popular X-23, known in the characters as Laura Kinney. Created in the mid-'00s, in the comics she's a clone of Wolverine. Marvel has spent the subsequent years working hard to make her a compelling character in her own right, having her join various factions of the X-Men, and even having her take over the Wolverine title. She also has claws in her feet in the books.

Whether Laura's origins are of a similar nature in the film remains to be seen. 

The Logan movie poster shows that family matters

Here's the evocative first poster that sums up the themes of Logan. This is clearly not the sort of colourful X-Men epic we've gotten used to - and after the tired Apocalypse, we're ready for something a little braver amidst the dozens of superhero movies bubbling up. Jackman's version of the character deserves a classy finale. 

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