LocoRoco gets spooky with new level

Downloadable demo introduces singing blobs to grinning pumpkins

Can't get enough of LocoRoco's singing, bouncing blobs? Publisher Sony has just unleashed a Halloween-themed level for its bizarre little PSP adventure, which you can download and play whether you actually bought the game or not.

Featuring a nightmarish color scheme and plenty of Jack-'o-lanterns, the demo has your cute, yellow LocoRoco chasing a pumpkin in a witch hat into what appears to be a crumbling haunted house. More interestingly, it features new gameplay elements, including sliding-tile puzzles and switches that you'll need to hit in sequence to rotate the stage.

To download it, either hit upPlayStation.com, or boot up your PSP's browser and direct it topsp.us.playstation.com. Just be forewarned that the update comes with a price: to play it, you'll need to download and install the latest version of Sony's ever-evolving firmware.

While you're waiting, hit the Images tab above for an eyeful of shots from the new stage.

October 27, 2006


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