• Scab98 - October 5, 2014 9:33 a.m.

    Yea. This is a bunch of whining. 2. Who cares? I always thought the concept was stupid and a waste of time 3. Well that's in every other console too. 4. There's no way a TV with an HDMI port manages to reflect the light. And if there is, you have it positioned wrong and your hands are wrong. And you're probably too close to the screen, too. 5. This post is more depressing because how bad it is. 6. Really? You have a cord already. You don't need 2. If you want 2 buy a cord then. 7. If you do this you cannot call yourself a gamer. 8+9. If you wanted these games, BUY THE XBOX ONE. Don't complain about a game that was never gonna come out for the console. That's like complaining about how they don't sell posters for a Russian pop star in the US. 10. You got a touch pad and a share button. And "options" is more accurate then start. 11. Why did you buy the camera then? You weren't forced to like XB1 and it works pretty well anyway 12. Legit point. Good for you. 13. Psst... there's these things called game reviews. Use them. 14. They could have drove the price up and made you buy it with the ps4. Stop complaining. 15. Ok not even gonna address this. You sound like a whiny little kid. 16. There's this cool thing you can do called "deleting memory". Try it. 17. Sorry we ruined your party because you beat the first level. 18. Ok if you see something worth sharing you don't wait 15 minutes to share it 19. Well sorry gramps you gotta catch up with modern society now. 20. Yea the mic is annoying but it's more compact then a full headset. And most pairs of headphones will work if the mic is that bad. 21. If you have a usb that big, just shut up and stick it in the back or get a normal usb 22. Ok seriously? Do you have amnesia? There's 2 buttons. One turns it on. Figure it out.
  • Radical - September 15, 2014 1:30 p.m.

    The only things that annoy me about ps4. Having to return it for a new console due to audio stutter and the little bit of lag love it other than that.:)
  • Krokaa - September 12, 2014 12:20 a.m.

    This is nitpicking and or just whining. "Forgetting which button starts the system" Are you really that stupid? And if that is the case, truly you shouldn't be using a console, or a PC for that matter. You may forget which button does what. :(
  • bernieledd - September 11, 2014 2:26 p.m.

    I am sick to death of that beep sound every time I turn my ps4 console on. You should be able to turn it off !
  • Shonsu - September 5, 2014 2:35 a.m.

    Yeah, sorry but this does sound mostly like whining. There are a few valid points, but most of it? Nah chill out and enjoy.
  • ian-garvin - August 22, 2014 10:18 a.m.

    The two things that drive me absolutely crazy are the fact that I can't change my background. And secondly there isn't anything I want to play on the PS4 right now. Sadly I have every game they have released for it, played each and every one for at least an hour and then walked away from each of them. Wolfenstien makes me sick to my stomach with its movement and jerky reactions. And I'm not the only one, my boss tried it and it made her sick, and my daughter tried it and it made her sick, although she was able to tolerate it longer than either of us. After 30 mins I'm fighting a headache. Watchdogs...I just can't get into it. Game seems fine but the story is as cookie cutter as they come and I just don't have any care or concern for the protagonist. I don't play CoD or Battlefield, or Counter Strike (though I make mods for that) or any of the other FPS remakes. We have a few RPG's coming this fall/winter but they are each the usual sword and sorcery done and done and redone again type of RPG's. I was promised a Mad Max game but it keeps getting pushed back for the movie. Basically every title that was the reason I bought my PS4 has gotten pushed back. So now here I have a PS4 sitting next to my PS3 and guess what, I'm still using the PS3 because PS4 doesn't have Fallout. Even on there Playstation Now thing they have no Fallouts or really any title I enjoyed. So currently for me at least I bought a $600 machine to play Hulu and Netflix on. Seriously considering selling off all my Sony stock.
  • shroomgarden - August 11, 2014 3:48 p.m.

    Cannot pause downloads WTF
  • gsspike - May 14, 2014 4:55 a.m.

    I agree the background music for the PS4 home screen from the 1st moment I turned the PS4 on the music grates on my nerves. I hate it.
  • arianabiscuit - April 6, 2014 2:34 p.m.

    I think people are taking this list a bit too seriously. It's meant to be trivial, guys. We should be celebrating the fact that what we can complain about is really not much at all.
  • steven-kelley - April 4, 2014 2:34 p.m.

    Whoever made this list must be a whiny little child.
  • coulton-yanulevich - August 7, 2014 10:08 p.m.

    Aint it
  • KiraXD - March 11, 2014 midnight

    Okay lets go down the list and point out how retarded this is... 1. Not being able to change the background - seriously? this annoys you about a gaming console? i havent really noticed the background since i use my PS4 to play games... not stare at the menu. 2. Adjusting Screen Size - Not Exclusive to PS4... the fact this is even an issue, proves youre grasping at straws looking for things to use for this article. 3.Controller Reflecting in your TV screen - Is your TV a mirror? does it have a high gloss screen (good TV's dont have glossy screens) Is your TV setup incorrectly? (most well set up entertainment centers should have the TV located roughly at Eye Line... not waist line or knee line (where most people hold their controller... unless you hold the controller in front of your face while playing... then thats a WHOLE other problem NOT related to the PS4. 4. Home Screen Music? - Really? another grasp at straws looking to fill this article. (hint: you can turn it off) 5. The controllers dont come with charging cables. - Since when is this a problem with the PS4 itself? You have at least 1 charging cable if you actually have a PS4 (since PS4's ALL DO come with a charging cable) if you lost that cable... id be more concerned with replacing the cable first before buying a new controller. 6. Hitting the wrong button on a controller. - LOL... thats like accidentally hitting the X button when trying to press the O button... 7. Killer Instinct lol - Obviously Trolling at this point. No one is Jealous of a F2P fighter... because the people who actually want to play killer instinct didnt actually buy a PS4. 8. Forza - Again.. this is the Second game youre using to make a list... everyone who wanted to play Forza... bought an XB1... and if you are jealous that you dont get the play Forza 5... why the hell did you buy a PS4? Seriously... you bought a PS4 even though you knew Forza was an XB1 exclusive... and now youre complaining that you cant play Forza 5... Brilliant! 9.Start and Select buttons. - Obviously another troll bullet point to pad the article. 10. PScamera - Aside from actually being able to use it with the console itself (voice commands) and being able to use it with every game (twitch/ustream streaming) The fact that your not using it right away isnt really a PS4 problem. Why the hell did you buy the camera if you KNEW that theres not much out there that takes advantage of it... its not like Sony made the price of the PS4 an extra hundred dollars and FORCED you to buy it with the console. 11. Jump to friends games/help out - THIS IS THE FIRST LEGIT ANNOYANCE YOUVE MENTIONED OMFG! Ill give you this one... i am missing the jump-into-a-friends-game-to-help-out feature... granted... im sure itll be patched in. (hopefully!) 12. Knack - The 3rd game youve listed... at this point, the article should be called: "Games we wish were or werent on the PS4" 13. Vertical Stand - Im sorry... but laughing at the audacity of the stand costing $18 annoys you about the PS4? How the HELL can something you dont have to buy, you dont even NEED, you dont even need to THINK ABOUT, annoy you about the console? Thats like making a list about things that annoy you about the PS4 and listing the fact that it cant play Cassette Tapes, or being annoyed that one of the screws inside the console is black instead of silver... 14. Flower/Journey - Yet another game... only this time youre annoyed that an old game you like isnt available on a new console. Why not list Final Fantasy 7? I wish a FF7 next gen port was available already! Im so annoyed!! 15. HDD space - This is a problem with every console... not exactly limited to PS4 now is it? Too bad you cant replace it with your own larger HDD... Oh wait... 16. Trophy Rarity - Okay, part of me wants to believe this entire article is a joke, and you are just having a laugh... things like this make me think that... but the other half of me keeps thinking youre dead serious... and that scares me. 17. Share Feature - I guess this can be annoying... although why are you JUST now realizing that you should have shared that awesome thing that happened 16 minutes ago? This has more to do with user problems than console annoyances. 18. Facebook Account- Ah... now i see, this entire article was written by an 80 year old grandma. 19. Headset - THE SECOND LEGIT ANNOYANCE! Yeah the headset sucks... not like you can use any other headset you have laying around the house with a 3.5mm jack 20. USB Size - If its too big to fit into the front slot... its probably a retarded novelty USB drive with a My Little Pony on it... i havent had a single high quality USB dongle not fit... but i guess it CAN be annoying if you REALLY REALLY need that Pinkie Pie USB Stick to save your CoD Ghosts profile file. 21. Forgetting which button does what. - Again with the buttons... how long did it take you to remember which position a light switch needs to be for the lights to turn on?
  • regretleskilla - March 11, 2014 8:33 a.m.

    Alright I'll help you out since you obviously can't read right. This is called 23 little things that ANNOY them about ps4. It's not problems as you keep stating, its annoyance. Also the tvs stated for being the best in the industry overall, especially for movies and games are plasma which are notorious for being reflective and very dark and glossy also the middle of the television is what's supposed to be set up at align to eyeline meaning that a portion continues down and like normal people, who usually own couches and don't stand in front of the tv with the control by their crotch, people usually play with the control by their mid-torso or mid-stomach. That's just the Problem and fallacies with your first retort. Imagine the rest.
  • KiraXD - March 11, 2014 5:03 p.m.

    Fair enough... but the majority of these "LITTLE ANNOYANCES" are so pulled out of the air for sake of making a full list its absurd. Listing games that you wish were on the console? I can make a "little annoyances" list, and just list 50 games i wish were on the PS4... or Complain that First Party games on other consoles arent coming to the PS4. Damn i bought a PS4... i effing WISH Gears of War 5 would come out for it! HALO ISNT ON PS4!!! IM SO ANNOYED!!!! Also if you read the whole post youd see that i was aware a lot of those things were just supposed to be funny/ironic/trolling on purpose... which was why i was joking around in most of my post...
  • sami1410aziz - March 20, 2014 4:39 a.m.

    LOOOOOOOOL Best comment ever! I made an account here just to say this lol. Yeah lol i agree with everything said lol still laughing now!
  • lostinm - March 31, 2014 1:49 p.m.

    Brilliant fanboy rage
  • metalheadredd - April 4, 2014 1:38 p.m.

    I agree with 99% of your post, except number 7. I want to play Killer Instinct, but I bought a PS4. So no, not all people who want to play KI will buy the XB1. Obviously I prefer the PS4, but wish the developer was not MS owned so we could of had it on PS4 also.
  • dakillas24 - April 4, 2014 1:55 p.m.

    1. Back when the PSP came out, I liked the fact that I could change the background color. I don't care for the light blue and would rather have red or black. This is actually one of the first things I tried to do when I got my PS4 and was disappointed when I couldn't find the background color setting anywhere. 2. N/A 3. Some people can't afford brand new TVs that don't glare. I'm still playing on my 32" LCD TV that can't even support 1080p. So mine does glare and is kinda annoying. My entertainment center is huge and the TV sits pretty low, so I'm not holding it in front of my face either. 4. N/A 5. This is actually a problem as well. I got the charging cable that came with my PS4 and got a bundle that came with a 2nd controller. I expected a charging cable to be included so I could charge both controllers at once (I have a roommate so this is necessary sometimes) but since the 2nd controller didn't come with one, if both of my controllers are almost dead, my roommate or anyone else for that matter can no longer play with me. This annoys the shit out of me. 6. I hate the share button and feature. I'm more used to it now, but I used to keep hitting the share button to go back before realizing it's not a back button anymore. The feature itself is shit. If I'm playing CoD or Killzone and want to share something I just did, it usually never even shows up in the recently recorded videos. Yet if I literally sit at the CoD multiplayer screen for 14 minutes while I'm busy doing something else and I come back and hit the share button, it recorded all 14 minutes of nothingness... dafuq? 7. N/A 8. I personally bought my PS4 instead of an XB1 because I hate Microsoft. Saying "everyone who wanted to play Forza... bought an XB1" is definitely NOT TRUE. I fucking love Forza and Need for Speed and other racing games. I wanted to pay Forza 5 but it wasn't worth buying an XB1 just for that reason. 9. N/A 10. N/A 11. Definitely not the first legit annoyance they've mentioned... But N/A for me, for now. Most of my friends either got the XB1 or couldn't afford either next gen console, so I wouldn't use this feature anyways yet. 12. N/A 13. N/A 14. N/A 15. Again, not everyone can afford a new hard drive. The only reason I could even afford my PS4 is because I got it from best buy with a best buy credit card and didn't have to pay up front. I am running out of space very quickly and only have 4 games... 16. N/A 17. Already mentioned in #6 18. N/A 19. N/A 20. N/A 21. N/A
  • stub-deez - April 5, 2014 1:51 p.m.

    KiraXD - HOLY FUCK, how much time did it take you to write that long-winded PS4 Fanboy retort? Get a life, goddamn!
  • HomerJToo - June 9, 2014 11:37 a.m.

    Lol this is the most honest, funniest, and most true comment I've ever read. You are the best critic. You made my day XD.

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