23 little things that annoy us about the PS4

Trouble in PlayStation 4 paradise

No matter what the circumstances, people will always find cause to complain. Gamers are no different--we'll often get annoyed at even the slightest inconvenience, livid that we've been encumbered on the path to fantasy fulfillment. Many of you received your brand spankin' new PlayStation 4 last week, eagerly setting it up with lightning quickness to embark into the next generation of gaming. And within your first hour of play, you started noticing a few little annoyances. Things you couldn't seem to get over.

No product is perfect, and that certainly applies to the PS4. And no matter how much you might be enjoying your new console, there's no denying that it has its faults. These are our slight pet peeves with the PS4--things that aren't at all deal breakers, but we groan at them all the same. See if you share our sentiment about stuff like...

Not being able to change the background

Needing to constantly "adjust screen size"

The glow of the controller constantly reflecting off your TV

The home screen music is depressing

The fact that controllers don't come with charging cables

Accidentally hitting the touchpad as a button when trying to hit Options

Being a fighting game fan and weeping while all your Xbox One friends talk about Killer Instinct

Being a hardcore racing fan and weeping while all your Xbox One friends talk about Forza Motorsport 5

Mourning the loss of our beloved Start and Select buttons

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