Line Rider screenshots

America's number one sweetheart line-drawing daredevil game turns brutally violent

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Barreling towards your Wii and DS this Spring, Line Rider is an internet flash game with 15 million constituents. It's a game where you draw a line, and your tiny guinea pig glides down that line until he meets his destruction.

Oh yes, heathens. Open the mouths located on your eyes and lick upon these Line Rider screenshots. They’re of the PC version. Wait! You don’t know how Mountain-Dewish this game is. Slowly now, move your corneas a little downwards....

ABOVE: This gromit got eggy right into the cactus patch. A PC version cactus patch

Clackity-clack! Cactus spike through the skull! Click here and here to check out some exhilarating Line Rider gameplay videos.

January 25, 2007