LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy - hands-on

Tasks like those are even more fun when both players are controlled by humans. Drop-in co-op play works exactly as advertised - at any time, a second player can join or leave. Just press pause and select "Drop Out" while your friend carries on. Wanna come back? Press start. And unlike other co-op games where your friend becomes your cruelest enemy, death is not an issue. Take too many hits and you'll drop all your studs and smash into pieces, only to reappear a few seconds later. Quickly scramble around to pick up what you've dropped and you can pretend it never happened. Same goes for friendly fire - you might slice through a pal with a lightsaber now and then, but they'll pop back into existence, good as new. This makes mashing your way through the famous combat scenes from the films even less stressful. The game is designed to be played through multiple times with different characters, so you'll appreciate the relaxed attitudes toward death.

One of the most exciting perks about LEGO Star Wars II is the addition of drivable vehicles and rideable creatures. X-Wing fighters, Banthas, Tauntauns, even the mighty Millennium Falcon - you'll use them all in playable scenes from the films, such as the asteroid belt from Empire and the infamous Death Star trench run. Vehicle combat sequences like the Hoth battle play out a little like a 3D version of the arcade classic Defender - you primarily fly left and right around a circular hub, blasting bad guys as you locate them and wrapping up AT-AT walkers in Snowspeeder tow cables to bring them down. The restricted airspace keeps controls simple while the action stays frantic.