The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough

Link is back and he’s back in a big way. The latest adventure will take you to various locales in your search for Zelda, such as volcanoes, deserts, and of course the sky, but not just once, as you’ll be returning to these places quite a few times. The journey is extensive and it has some crafty puzzles up its sleeve along the way, but with our complete storyline walkthrough, you’ll be hacking and slashing your way through everything in your path with ease.

The guide is broken down into the locations and the order that you will visit them, so if you are stuck in one place, you needn't worry about seeing anything that’s too far ahead. With that said, grab your hat, your sword and shield, and enjoy!


Statue of the Goddess

Sealed Grounds

Faron Woods

Skyview Temple

Eldin Volcano

Earth Temple

Lanayru Mine

Lanayru Desert

Lanayru Mining Facility

Return to Sealed Grounds

Farore's Silent Realm

The Great Tree

Lake Floria

Ancient Cistern

Nayru's Silent Realm

Lanayru Sand Seas

Din's Silent Realm

Volcano Summit

Fire Sanctuary

Return to Sealed Grounds part 2

Temple of Hylia

Skyloft Skies

Flooded Faron Woods

Return to Eldin Volcano

Lanayru Gorge

Goddess's Silent Realm


Return to Temple of Hylia