The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough

Door on the Top and Bottom

Grab the orb form the pedestal and walk to the right. Drop in in the lower left corner and climb up the ladder to the lever and pull it. Stand on the pressure plate on the lower level and toss the orb through the opening. Climb back up the ladder and grab the orb at the top. Place the orb on the movable platform and then walk along the left side while using the bellows to move the platform to the left. Stand on the plate to open the gate and continue moving it to the far side. Grapple up to the target to get around the closed gate and then grab the orb again. Move to the next conveyor belt and toss the orb on it again. Let the orb ride along the conveyor and you will then need to shoot the blue targets that then appear along the top wall. When you do, the gated door to the right will open.

Door on the Top and Right

In the room with the curved dragon arch to the left, you’ll need to crawl through a hole in the wall to the left to find some bombs. If you don’t need them, then roll one through to destroy a blocked passage at the end and crawl through. When in the next room, burrow in the corner and hit the plunger to open the gate. Head back through the crawl passage and go the left. Pass through the now open gate and take out the Lizafo. To the left there will be a tablet that tells you to hit the gems from lowest to highest- meaning the pink diamonds that are hidden behind the wall plates that you need to lower by tossing a bomb in to the their basket.

Toss one in the basket on the plate to the left and then look to the right. There will be a winding slope there with a wall plate at the bottom. Roll a bomb down the slope so that it lands in the basket to reveal another set of gems. Slide down to the opening and climb the wall of vines to the top. Shoot the bomb directly across from you behind the trees and they will blow up. Now you can grab the bomb with the hook beetle and drop it into the basket of the wall plate on the left. Now hit the lowest gems, the middle gems, and then the highest set and the barred door will open. Go through and burrow at the hole and then hit the plunger to move the gate. Emerge from the same hole and then go through the doorway and burrow into the next hole in the corner. Defeat the two centipedes inside and emerge through the exit on the right side.

Door on the Left and Bottom

Thankfully there is only one enemy in this room and it is the cheery old Pirate Captain that you faced earlier on the ship. Simply repeat the same attacks, forward stabbing- although doing crazy waggles works just as well- to push him off the edge. Push him off three times and you will receive a key that is used for the Green TriForce room.

The Red TriForce Square

To get this piece of the Triforce, you’ll need to ride on three platforms over the lava. For the first two, it’s pretty straight forward in hitting the green bulbs above to create the platforms and hit the pink diamonds to raise the lava levels on the other side on the barred passages. When you get to just before the third platform, you will be on a rising platform that goes up and down on a pillar of lava. Use the hook beetle to hit the same pink diamonds that you did previously to raise the lava level on the other side of the fence. When the platform is starting to rise, shoot the green bulb to create a platform below and you’ll ride it to a metal bridge. Hop on it and back onto the platform and cruise to the end. Grapple off to the left and stab the symbol on the ground to find the TriForce piece.

Blue TriForce Room

When you enter, run up the ramp on the right and grab the time orb. Go back down to the ground and take the orb to the far left side of the room, under the covered hole on the wall that has an arrow target behind it. Run back up the slope of the right side and shoot the target to open the barred doors. Go and grab the orb and take it through the now open door and carry it down the tunnel. Make your way past the Baba’s and drop the orb in the corner to the left. Go around the bend and step on the pressure plate there to open a sliding door and to get a target to appear.

Aim through the fan which should not be turning now and hit the target. Now make your way to the main room and drop the orb just under the grapple target that appeared above. Head back to the beginning of the room and up the ramp. Jump over to the platforms that have appeared and grapple to the target. If the orb was over far enough, the door to the symbol will be gone allowing you to collect the blue triforce piece.

Green Triforce Room

Once you have the key from the Ship Captain that you got in the room with doorways on the left and bottom, you can unlock the door and enter the few rooms in this square. The first room will have 2 Moblins in it on a narrow bridge. Run over them and take them out from behind to have the door open for you. In the next room, there will be a skeleton and loads of regular Bokoblins. Wipe them all out for the next door to open and the next room will have zombie Bokoblins and a golden Skeleton. Finally once they are all dead, the final room with the green triforce will open. Grab it and get ready for some action.

Return to Temple of Hylia

After the hubbub, you will be back in the Sealed Ground and will need to go through the time gate once again. Go through and make your way down the spiral ramp to the bottom. Along the way there will be a massive amount of enemies to face, but thankfully nothing too tough. When you reach the bottom, you will then face off against Ghirahim once again. To defeat him, at first wait for his attack then dodge. When he misses, attack with a barrage of attacks to push him off the edge. When he falls, jump down and do a fatal strike. You will need to do this three times to him. Once you reach the ground, it gets a bit trickier. Now he will have his sword and he’s not nice with it.

You now need to stab him in his diamond chest gem and the easiest we seems to be to bash his sword strike and then thrust at him when he stumbles. Keep doing that repeatedly, while also getting out of the way when he sends out his wave attacks. Once you have jabbed him enough times, he’ll bring out the big sword. Attack him and he will block with his sword, allowing you to cut away at it. When he changed its direction, follow suit and keep hacking. Finally when you have chopped the sword enough, he will fall.


When you are ready for the final battle of the game, jump in the center of the pit and you will face off against Demise in his two forms. For the first form, make sure you have a shield and make sure it has some life left in it. This part of the battle is rather simple as all you need to do is block Demises attacks and then counter right away. If you do a quick three blocks and counters, you will stun him and you will then be able to unleash a flurry of attacks on him. Once you hit him enough times, he will fly backwards and then his second form will attack. This time he will have lighting charges in his sword and will toss it at you as well as do a full body charge at you.

Keep your targeting locked on him and raise your sword so that it gets stuck by lightning. If it doesn’t get struck right away, move backwards until it does. When it gets hit, flick your sword to shoot it at Demise. When it hits, it will stun him and leave him open to a chain of attacks. You will need to hit him three times with the lightning attack to knock him down. When Demise does his charge attack, simply keep jumping backwards to avoid his hits. Once he gets knocked down, flick the two controllers forward for the fatal strike but the first couple times he will roll out of the way. When you get him a third time, you will plunge your sword into him and the game will roll its final scenes.