The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough

Volcano Summit

As you enter the volcano summit, head to the north on the left side and run up the slope. Hop down the far side and take out the group of Chuchus that appear. Hop across the stone platforms in the lava and go straight out the bright doorway. Use an empty bottle to scoop up some water and then head back inside. Go to the left and up the ramp to find Gorko and a doorway blocked by flames. Pour the water into the frog mouth on the right side and the flames will douse.

For the next set of flames, grapple up to the vines on the left side of the room and hop over so you are above the frog mouth. Pour the water into the mouth to put out the flames. Before you continue, you can use a bomb on the left wall where the crack is to find some rupees. Now that you are through the second flames, head forward and you will meet Gorko again who will tell you that you need a big basin to fill the frog mouth above the door to douse the flames.

Now it’s time for some back tracking. Make your way back to the spring where you filled your bottle and talk to the Mogma there. He will tell you to go to Lake Floria and Fi will say to talk to the Water Dragon to get her basin. Before you leave this water spring area, you can dive off the platform and soar to the platform behind the pillar ahead to fins a Goddess Cube sitting there. Use the statue at the temple where the blocking flames were and go to the sky and then to the green light. Once in, choose the Floria Waterfall destination and go through the cave opening to talk to the Water Dragon.

Once you have the basis, return to the sky and to the volcano. This time however, you won’t be able to pick the closest statue and will have to run all the way through the area to reach the volcano summit. You will also have to protect the robot along the way and make sure no enemies get to close to him. Thankfully it’s a rather uneventful trip and pretty straightforward. Return to the flame blocked door and the robot will pour the water into the frog’s mouth allowing you to pass.

Fire Sanctuary

As you enter, walk forward and notice the green bulb above the doorway. Hit it with the hook beetle or an arrow and it will drop a ball into the lava below. Hop on the platform it makes quickly and run across. When on the other side, hit the green bulb on the left side and then wait for it to pass the center and hop on. Ride it around the corner and jump off as it nears the side walkway near the wall. Kill the Bobokins there and the barred door will open allowing you to open a chest. Grab the key from inside and hop off the ledge to the locked door below. Talk to Guld before going through and he will tell you about the treasure located inside.

When inside, make your way to the right and follow the corridor around to the large circular room with a grated floor and a stone platform. Hop on the stone platform and a lava hand will raise it up allowing you to jump off to the ledge there. Follow the corridor to the right and climb up the vines. Continue on to the next set of vines and climb to the right to the ledge there. Grapple across and drop down, then go through the door on the right. When you enter, you will get attacked by a Dark Lizafo who can spew a curse at you to make your attacks ineffective.

Once you pass him, go through the next door and enter another area full of lava. In here, you’ll notice some green bulbs on the ceiling, a cave high in the wall across and to the right of where you entered, and a statue face on the far right side spewing out lava. Take the hook beetle and have it fly through the cave in the wall form the left side to the right side and grab a bomb along the way. Drive the bomb into the statues mouth and you will then be able to drop a green bulb on the lava. Once you do, ride it to the other side and enter the door on the right side, across from the locked, chained, door.

Once inside you will see a Mogma hanging from a chain. Ignore him for now and continue to the right, using the Gust Bellows to remove the patches of lava on the walkway. Grab the key from the chest at the far end and make your way back out through the door and through the locked door there. In this next room, there will be a flame barrier blocking the doorway, so head up the stairs and walk to the edge of the platform that faces the frog face.

Turn around and stab a green bulb so that you have it on your sword. Go back to face the frog face and flick the bulb at it, so that it lands on its mouth. Now that the flames are doused, head through the door and around the corner to another. When you enter this door, you will be in another round room like you were previously, with the lava hands underneath. Hop on the left most platform and ride it up to find two green bulb plants. Stab it and take it down to the ground. Wait for the hands to rise up and then flick the bulb at the hand with your sword.

When it turns to rock, hack and slash t both to destroy them and the lava will disappear. Go back through the door you entered in and go back to where the Mogma was hanging. Jump down to the level below and pull the lever to lower him. After you have received the Mogma Mitts, dig into the hole next to the fenced wall and you will have to move underground to the other side. Emerge on the other side of the fenced wall and then dig into the hole closest to the wall, near the door. When you do, there will be a red plunger to hit that will open the door above.

Go back up and through the door and up the stairs. In the next room you will find another Mogma that is captured. Burrow into the ground and there will be two doors that you need to move. Move to the top door first and then the lower and then emerge back out. Go through the open gate on the right side and grab the green bulb on your sword. Make your way to the frog face and flick it into its mouth to lower the flames below it. Enter the room now and pull the lever on the left wall to lower the Mogma. Talk to him and he will give you the Dungeon Map.

Turn to the wall behind you – the wall to the left of the door- and toss a bomb at it to reveal the secret room. When you enter, burrow down and you will find a centipede that you can kill by hitting its tail three times. Once it’s down, head for the light to emerge on the far left and come out to a room with vines, some pots, and a chest that contains a key. Now head back to the circular room where you fought the hands and go through the chain locked door there. Make a right in the next area and head down the stairs. Drop the green bulb above and hop over to the far side. Go left up the stairs and go through the door.

Make your way up the stairs on the right and burrow in to the hole on the eight in the alcove. When you are underground, catch the Mogma and he will give you a piece of heart and open the door for you. Now drop the green bulb above the lava and hop across to the save statue. Burrow in to the hole in front of it and make your way to the far end. When you are there you will need to use a bomb to break a wall that will let lava come flowing in. Race back to the exit and pop out and make your way through the door on the right to and follow the stairs down. Shoot the green bulb above and ride the platform to the left. Hop off around the corner and run up the stairs to find a statue and a stone tablet to read.

Walk to the end of the bridge and you will see two statues below in the lava, one with its eyes open and one closed. Run and jump off towards the eyes closed one and a platform will appear as you get closer. Enter the mouth and follow the stairs- using the butterflies for health if you need it- and through the next door. Inside you will have to fight against 2 Dark Lizafo’s to unlock the doors. Once they are down, hop up the ledge to the door and follow the winding stairs all the way to the top.

Enter the room with the chest and you will find a tablet that says to bring light to each statue in accordance to the number of wings each has, from least to most. Burrow into the ground and now you will need to walk over the orange lights in the order of statue wings. Start with the left most light, and then the closest after that. The next is the farthest north to the right, then the one directly south, and finally the one north to the left. Now you will have to fight the centipede like before. Once it has taken three hits to the tail, crawl back out and now you can claim the special key from the chest.

Make your way to the right side of the room and exit through the door, stepping on the pressure plate to open the door that allows you to reach the center of the area and use the golden key on the locked door. Once inside, Ghirahim will show up again for another long talk and then finally get down to battle. This battle with Ghirahim is pretty much the same as the previous battle where you’ll need to slowly move your sword to one side so that his hand doesn’t follow. When it is clear for an open shot, swing away at him. Continue to follow the pattern until he whips out his swords. When she does, he will toss his darts at you, which you can easily block with your shield or jump out of the way of. Continue to slash away at him and eventually he will have a freak out and leave.