Left 4 Dead 2 invades Team Fortress 2

A new campaign map from Left 4 Dead fan ThaiGrocer inserts zombies and the Left 4 Dead 2 survivors in a Team Fortress 2 payload map. Players will need to fuel the cart with gas cans to move it forward while keeping the horde and special infected at bay. Early screenshots and videos of the map in action look great. Check them out.

Above: Team Fortress 2's payload gameplay seems to work well with the gas can mechanics from Left 4 Dead 2's scavenge mode

Above: Part 1 of a Badwater Basin playthrough. Click here to download the map

Above: Part 2 of a Badwater Basin playthrough

Above: Gameplay footage featuring random acts of violence against zombies

Mar 30, 2010


  • crumbdunky - March 31, 2010 3:40 p.m.

    Yet another great mod which makes me regret EVEN more my idiocy in also buying the 360 version of the first game(at TWICE the price of what I paid for the better in every imaginable way PC version too!)as well as the PC one burn even more! Maybe iif I never had it for PC it wouldn't be so bad but the £40 I paid for L4D 360 still annoys me to this day as I had more faith ion Valve than to expect such a lacklustre port in the first place and them and MS failing to allow us(PS3/UT3 style)to import our PC mods was a really big second kick in the teeth. IMHO, the mods are what give L4D1 and 2 their legs as game as and without them the 360 versions not only feel a little shoddy but also pretty light on community and content too. Seriously, I've rarely been as disappointed in a game I've bought knowing the game itself was good already! Seeing even more great mods(my french mate Christophe makes mods for this and other PC games which are excellent and denying them 360 owners was a tightwad choice by whoever as MS/Valve a mixture of the two that made it!)appear always makes me feel sorry for those gamers who love the game omn 360, laud Valve for what's a pretty lazy port and cash grab(IMHO)and seem oblivious to the degree their version lags on every front behind it's PC brother. That we pay more for the console versions only makes it worse and it's the kind of thing that the media, gaming or otherwise, rarely, if ever, flags up and to me 360 only gamers are being ripped off. Thing is, when the basic game is so good to begin with and you feel you SHOULD be buying it there's little chance of you wanting to miss out and knowing that I think Valve could have done a better job on the port AND found a way of getting some community made content over to the 360. It isn't like it's unheard of or impossible so why should Valve fans on 360 miss out like this? Valve are one of my favourite developers but they do the odd thing like this(and baiting PS3, Sony and PS3 gamers for no apparent reason in a very oddly unprofessional manner)recently which leaves an uncharacteristically bad taste in my mouth. For a company who usually take such great care(by comparison, natch, I realise they're still a business and also have their moments when they prove they aren't saints!)of their gamers it's even more upsetting. I know I go on but seeing YET another cool mod that all my 360 only gaming buds won't get to play despite owning the game really got my goat. And mine is a sensitive goat liable to explode on issues of gamer value and ports lacking in usual quality and features!He's called Dave, btw. Fully OT_another great mod to try from a very rich pool of talent. I've played some great L4D mods this year and this looks a really slick effort as well. Every time I think I've had enough of the game for a bit something like this emerges to drag me back for another night! Good stuff-just make it available to 360 owners. That's all. Lord knows they paid enough already.
  • BigBoss - March 31, 2010 11:23 a.m.

    Such an intelligent idea, it's my favourite map in TF2 as well. @BlackElement17, dude, if you can definitely get it. Do it.
  • BlackElement17 - March 31, 2010 12:52 a.m.

    I may have to switch to the pc version for LFD2.

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