The Last of Us: Left Behind Collectibles and Optional Conversations guide

Chapter 2 – Mallrats  

Wanted Poster
After going up the first set of stairs and ducking under planks into a room, head towards the windows and look on the large table.

Optional Conversation 1
After shimmying across the narrow ledge and climbing into the next room, follow Riley and look for the Firefly logo on the wall to your left.

Optional Conversation 3
Heading back past the escalator, look for a poster for water guns next to a large planter.

Optional Conversation 4
At the bottom of the next escalator, talk to Riley outside the yellow tent.

Optional Conversation 5
Inside the yellow tent, look at the papers on the cabinet at the back.

Optional Conversation 6
Back outside the tent, go straight forwards to find a saddle over a bench.

Optional Conversation 7
After putting on the wolf mask in the Spooky Town shop, head to the back right corner to find a jar of eyeballs.

Optional Conversation 8
Follow Riley to the next corner and talk to her after she puts on the Dracula mask.

Optional Conversation 9
Head back to the centre aisle and put on the green witch mask, then talk to Riley.

Optional Conversation 10
In the aisle by the exit door, put on the Triple Phoenix bird mask.

Optional Conversation 11
Head into the corner to interact with the Skeleseer skull, then keep interacting to go through all the dialogue options--there are 8 in total.

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