Lara's voice revealed

Eidos has revealed that British TV star Keeley Hawes will be providing the plummy tones for Lara Croft in the almost-here-and-damn-we-can't-wait Tomb Raider: Legend.

The British actress is most well known for her performance as Zoe Reynolds in the BBC spy drama Spooks but also appeared in Tipping the Velvet and most recently A Cock and Bull Story with Steve Coogan. Which is to say, she's well known to folks in the UK. Here in the US, there was a long pause, someone said "So, it's that chick from Spooks?" and after another long pause, someone else said "Yeah. Hey, what's Spooks?"

While Hawes is obviously an accomplished actress, many gamers believed Eidos would go for a higher profile choice. Rumors circulating recently have implied that Mummy star Rachel Weisz would lend her voice to the intrepid explorer.

"Lara Croft is such a strong and powerful character, but she also has an edge to her, which was great to portray vocally," the 28-year-old Hawes commented.

Matt Gorman, brand manager for the Tomb Raider series, stated that Hawes was a perfect choice for Lara as "she had the right balance of aristocracy and attitude to really bring to life Miss Croft in all her glory."

Also, you can bet she was cheaper than Rachel Weisz.



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