L.A. Noire Achievement Guide

L.A. Noire is a big game with a lot of Achievements and Trophies to grab, we show you how!

Not So Hasty

15 Points
Bronze Trophy
Stop a fleeing suspect with a warning shot as an LAPD Detective.

When chasing a suspect, if you have your gun in hand, you will be able to fire a warning shot at the suspect. When you aim at the fleeing suspect, a round meter will fill the longer you keep the cross hair trained on them.Once full, you will fire a warning shot in the air, causing the suspect to stop.

One For The File

15 Points
Bronze Trophy
Find and inspect a clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.

This is a piece of cake. Find your first clue, a piece of evidence at a crime scene, and Bob’s your Uncle.

Paved With Good Intentions

15 Points
Bronze Trophy
Complete all cases on the Traffic desk.

This will be received through the campaign, once you finish your first desk as a detective.

Police Academy

15 Points
Bronze Trophy
Complete all cases on the Patrol desk.

The Patrol desk is basically the tutorial of the game.Once you finish it and get promoted, this will be all yours.

Public Menace

30 Points
Silver Trophy
Rack up $47,000 in penalties during a single story case.

You would think racking up $47,000 would be easy, but keep in mind, this is 1947. The quickest way to rack up a huge tab is to smash up cars.My preferred method was to grab a car and smash it head-on into another car so that I would destroy 2 at once.Once the engines are on fire, move on to another car and repeat.I smashed up 62 cars and racked up $67,000, so anywhere near 50-55 cars should push you over the edge.Once you complete the case, the damage amounts will be totaled and as long as it’s over $47,000, this is all yours.

Roscoe And Friends

15 Points
Bronze Trophy
Kill at least one bad guy with every gun.

There 8 guns found throughout the game.Most can be picked up easily from fallen enemies and used on their friends.There are two guns that can be tricky to find. The flamethrower is only found during the last mission and the Revolver is only used during “Armed and Dangerous” during the patrol desk cases.To use the revolver, Phelps will need to drop the shotgun to equip the revolver. The rest of the guns are plentiful throughout the game.The Colt .45 (Phelps’ normal pistol) the BAR Rifle, the Thompson machine gun, the Tommy Gun (a Thompson with a round magazine cartridge), the M1 Garrand, and the Shotgun. When you see an enemy using a gun that you haven’t used yet, pop them and grab it to use on their cohorts.

Round Heels

15 Points
Bronze Trophy
At the Bamba Club, get Dick McColl to give up the license plate of Celine Henry's male companion.

When you are on the "The Red Lipstick Murder" case, you will go visit The Bamba Club.When you interview Dick McColl, ask the question "Suspect seen with victim" and choose Truth as your response. When you do, he will give you the plate number and the achievement/trophy will unlock.

Shamus To The Stars

80 Points
Gold Trophy
Complete all story cases with a five star rating

To get a five star rating on every case, you will need to correctly respond to each suspect’s replies, find all the clues amongst the crime scenes as well as cause little damage while driving throughout the city.To not risk the damages, you can have your partner drive places without worry. Use intuition if needed if there is a question you are not sure about and be sure to continue searching for clues until you hear the background music stop. Do this for each and every of the 21 cases and this will is all yours.

Check out our complete guide to getting five stars on all the cases right here!


15 Points
Bronze Trophy
At Ray's Cafe, find the bloodstained knife on your first sweep of the crime scene.

At the start of “A Marriage Made in Heaven” you will arrive at the Ray’s Café crime scene.Take a look around for evidence and be sure to check the garbage can to the left of the bar in the alleyway. There will be a bloody knife in the trash that can be picked up.Do so and continue along with the investigation. After questioning a suspect later on, you will need to use the phone and you will be told that the Coroner would like to see you at the Morgue. Once you speak to the Coroner about the victim’s wounds, the achievement/Trophy will unlock.

Star Map

15 Points
Bronze Trophy
Discover all landmark locations around the city.

There are 30 locations spread out all over the city that can only be discovered by driving past them. Sounds daunting doesn’t it? Have no fear as we have you covered with a guide to each and every landmark location.

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