Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom - Monsterama, part 2

Man-on-monster beatdowns continue with another EXCLUSIVE video

Oct 9, 2007

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom's hacky-slashy take on role-playing is one of the coolest variations on the "one man vs a sea of enemies" theme we've seen in a long time, and much of that is down to the uniqueness of the monsters you'll fight. Button-mashing your way through mobs of things that want to kill you can get monotonous quickly, but Circle of Doom already looks to have enough unpredictability and variety to keep things interesting

In ourprevious installment, we gave you an introduction to some of the weirder creatures dwelling in Circle of Doom's wilderness. This week, we're pulling the wraps off some of the game's most disturbing, repulsive creatures, most of which roam around in packs in the game's Hall of Arrogance. Hit the video below to rock out to massive monster slaughter, and then read on to meet some of the most revolting monsters you've ever seen.


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