Killzone 2 changes minds

For the last two years, Sony has had to live with the bickering. One voice says "Killzone 2 trailer stomped all over Halo 3 and everything else." Another shoots back, "It was totally fake, you idiot! Pre-rendered. There's no way the final game can look that good!" The first retorts, "Nuh-uh! Sony said it was really what the PS3 can do!" And then it all devolves into a flame war about who sUXXorZ and who can't spell and random posts about where you can get super-hot videos of drunk teen babes sharing a popsicle, but you get the idea: people feel strongly about all this.

So we planted ourselves outside the doors of a local sushi restaurant, where Sony finally gave the press its first look at Killzone 2, live and in real time. We questioned folks on the way in about what they expected to see and on the way out about what they actually did see. Then, we compressed their wisdom into a two minute infobomb and slapped it in below. Did the game live up to the hype?

July 12, 2007


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