Keys to the Kingdom

You may wield a mean keyblade and drive a tricked-out Gummi Ship, but are you sure you've seen everything that Square Enix and Disney's latest mouse-and-moogle masterpiece has to offer? Find out as we list 10 of our favorite things from the best-selling action RPG.

1. Mickey Mouse is a stud

One of the original game's most enigmatic figures, King Mickey is hidden in shadow no more. In fact, he's pretty much a Jedi, able to carve enemies to pieces in a fight with Yoda-like agility.

You may actually be able to control the world’s most famous mouse yourself - if you're lucky and you suck badly enough. Getting knocked out in certain boss battles may present you with the option “I Won't Give Up!” Choosing this should call Mickey in and let you control him until Sora regains consciousness.

Below: Mickey Mouse. Tough guy.

2. You've never played battles like these

Kingdom Hearts II is brimming with creativity and this extends to the fight sequences. Think one Heartless is a handful? Imagine facing a thousand of them - single-handedly - in one of the most epic brawls in the game. It also makes you feel like a total wrecking machine when you plow through them.

Before the adventure is over, you'll also get the chance to brawl with usually-a-good-guy-but-not-at-the-moment Beast from Beauty and the Beast; transform into a lion cub to claw your way through heartless, hyenas, and feline foes in The Lion King 's Pride Lands; and - for the first time in a video game that we can recall - even roll through portions of a boss battle having been transformed into a six-sided die. That's right, the singular of dice. As in, the cube-shaped things you toss at the craps table in Vegas in the process of giving all your chips to the emotionless man in the tuxedo shirt.


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