Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights - hands-on

At first glance, Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights, looks like another typical T&A affair. At times it felt like we were flipping through an issue of Maxim as dancers shimmied up and down poles in menu backgrounds while Juiced Girls popped up to attack us at every turn, firing off steamy stares towards the camera at every loading screen.

With wet women touching themselves and looking about as perky as can be in nearly every screen not directly related to controlling a moving vehicle, Juiced 2 has that sort of unabashed sexiness that makes it somewhat embarrassing to be caught playing.

"It's research!" we snapped defensively at a colleague who saw us furiously taking notes on a pig-tailed model leaning suggestively over an expensive import we'll never be able to afford. "Sure it is," he responded in an overly calming tone. "Sure it is."

But if you peel away Juiced 2's thin skin of bikini-clad babes, there are some really addictive racing elements at the game's core to sink your teeth into - honestly, we swear. The title has undergone a lot of fine tuning and streamlining for the sequel, and fans familiar with the series should be pleased to note that entry fees, repair costs and the somewhat clumsy calendar system have all been chucked out the window in Juiced 2.

This time around the game focuses more on what matters: street racing, beating challenges and building your empire of customized cars. The ability to set wagers with pink slips and cash you've collected before each race with online players or AI drivers seems promising, and adds an additional element of risk to each event. But despite the major improvements to the car customization and more traditional racing elements of the game, we found ourselves gravitating back towards the new Drift King mode, the highlight of our hands-on experience with Juiced 2.


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