Available on: PS2

Jak X: Combat Racing Cheats, Codes & Guides

Jak X: Combat Racing Cheats

  • Easy Turbo

    To turbo without using R2, double-tap X. This will continue to use your turbo until you run into a wall or let go of X. This is especially useful during Death Races when you want to catch up to the drones and use your weapons at the same time.
    Submitted by Michael bernard

Jak X: Combat Racing Hints

  • Free Turbo Boost

    Entry location: At the start of any event except sport hunts, deathmatches, and artifact races
    Press the X button right when it counts down to one. You will get a free turbo boost along and your blue eco meter will be nearly full. This may take a few tries but once you get the timing right it's easy.
    Submitted by Lord Tyler 101

Jak X: Combat Racing Unlockables

  • Secret Drivers

    Entry location: Secrets shop menu
    On main menu go to secrets shop. Once there go to scan for secret characters and press X. If you have a memory card in tour PS2 with Ratchet and Clank or any other Jak game data you will get Ratchet and if you have Jak 1 data you'll get the jak from Jak 1, Jak 2 game data and you'll get Jak 2, and if you have Jak 3 game data you'll get the jak fromt that game, he'll be called Jak 3.
    Submitted by Wasabi#45^_^
  • Play as Daxter

    Accumulate over five hours of game play time to unlock Daxter for purchase in the Secrets Shop for 50,000 Orbs.
    Submitted by Michael Bernard
  • Character Unlocks

    Play as G.T. Blitz
    Beat the game to unlock G.T. Blitz

    Play as Klever
    Beat the Beachfront Drive Circuit Race in Adventure mode to unlock Klever in Exhibiton mode

    Play as Pecker
    Accumulate ten hours of game play time to unlock Pecker for purchase at the Secrets Shop for 60,000 Orbs

    Play as Ratchet
    If you have a saved game file from Ratchet: Deadlocked on your memory card, you'll unlock Ratchet at the Secrets Shop (after you select the "Scan For Secret Characters" option)

    Play as Sig
    Beat the Spargus City Death Race in Adventure mode to unlock Sig in Exhibiton mode

    Play as UR-86
    Beat the Kras City Qualifier in Adventure mode to unlock UR-86 in Exhibiton mode

    Play as Razer
    Beat Northern Tour Ciruit Race

    Play as Kiera
    Beat the game
    Submitted by alex agn
  • Hero Mode

    Beat each race with Gold to Unlock Hero Mode in the Secret Shop for 50,000 orbs.
    Submitted by Michael Bernard

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