Is this Harry Potter in drag?

"What? What's that? Is that Harry Potter in drag?" These were the exact words bellowed across the GamesRadar office, as one ofour number trundled through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on PlayStation 3. And, on close examination, it would appear to be true.

Just peek at this image below. On the right is Harry Potter, and on the left is, well, Harry Potter with pigtails. It's supposed to be Myrtle, the ghostly inhabitant of one of the girl's lavs at Hogwarts, played in the films by wee Scottish actress Shirley Henderson.

But, come on, there's no resemblance at all to Shirley. Instead, what we have here is a terrifying image of what Daniel Radcliffe might look like were he pretending to be a girl. Perhaps that'll behis new career whipcrack after the shock factor of his nudie theatre turn in Equus.

So are the developers trying to tell us something, or is it just lazy design? We'll leave that judgement up to you...