Improve your Gamertag with a smarter motto

28 Nov, 2007

Need some inspiration for your Gamertag motto? Brilliant. You're in exactly the right place. We've gathered over 70 motto suggestions for your perusal. Some weird, some amusing, some offensive, but all of them game related - from Gears of War and Halo 3, through to Tron, Pong and Solid Snake. We have, of course, ensured that every phrase is 21 characters or less, so it will fit on your Gamertag no probs.

So, ditch that abjectly awful **SHOOT TO KILL!!!** epigram and rock one of these altogether superior slogans instead.

You can find instructions for how to change your Gamertag motto  right here .

Accidents happen | Tommy Vercetti | GTA Vice City
Aim towards the enemy | Real instructions printed on US rocket launcher | Appears in Call of Duty 4
Any last requests? | CJ | GTA: San Andreas
Aren't zombies great? | Carlito Keyes | Dead Rising
Are you tired of Dad? | Radio commercial | GTA: Vice City
Avoid missing ball | Game instructions | Pong
Avoid solid objects | On-screen message | I, Robot

Back in your hole! | Marcus Fenix | Gears of War
Blame society | CJ | GTA: San Andreas
Bring it on, sucka! | Cole Train | Gears of War

Calm down, Colonel! | Solid Snake | Metal Gear Solid
Can I see your teeth? | Darius the Kid | BloodRayne (movie)
Careful. They bite | Alexa 'Lex' Woods | Alien Vs Predator (movie)

Death hurts players | Screen message | Gauntlet
Do I need to do CPR? | Cortana | Halo 2

End of line! | Master Control Program | Tron (movie)

Feel the REAL power! | Wolf Hawkfield | Virtua Fighter 4
Flawless victory! | Announcer | Mortal Kombat
Friendly fire - isn't | Real anonymous quote | Appears in Call of Duty 4

Get out of my way | Ryu | Shenmue
Get over here,  bitch! | Scorpion | Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
Go ahead dauntlessly! | Screen message | Ghosts 'n' Goblins

Hail to the king baby | Duke Nukem | Duke Nukem 3D
How about some scat? | The Great Mighty Poo | Conker's Bad Fur Day
Hurts, doesn't it? | Kaede Smith | Killer 7

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