HOT TOPIC: Star Trek Into Darkness

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Star Trek Into Darkness

There’s a section in our magazine’s letters pages now called Hot Topic . It’s a way for us to take the pulse of Planet SFX on one of the burning issues of geekdom…

THIS MONTH: Was Star Trek Into Darkness everything you were hoping for?

Was the big revelation at the heart of the movie satisfying? Did JJ Abrams and co spend too much homaging the past, and not enough time creating something new? What did you think of the makeover for those returning aliens? Is it about time the Enterprise started exploring strange new worlds, or is that sort of thing best left to an ongoing TV series? Did we really need to see Alice Eve in her bra and pants? Let us know what you think. Since the movie hasn’t been in cinemas that long we’re tiptoeing around the spoilers here, but feel free to discuss specifics when you write in!


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