Here are more Destiny Year One Exotics getting a Year Two upgrade

No, before you ask, Gjallahorn isn't here but some more Year One Destiny Exotics are being brought up to Year Two stats. Revealed as part of Bungie's Weekly Update and then on Destiny's Instagram (because Xur loves selfies), the 15 strong list of Exotics includes Hard Light, Plan C and Dragon's Breath.

Just the same as the original 10 updated Destiny Year One Exotics, if you're lucky enough to already own the Exotic you'll be able to head to your blueprint collection to transform them into Year Two levels. In exchange for Legendary Marks of course.

This will all be part of Destiny's December update which will also include weapon balance tweaking, something to do with Titans that Bungie is remaining tight lipped on and apparently a use for all that Wormspore you've been hoovering up. But yep, mostly exotics. You can see them all in the gallery above.

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