Halo 3 beta - see it in action NOW!

The tension is palpable. The anticipation is unbearable. The expectations are stratospheric. Yes, we're off to play the Halo 3 beta in just a few hours and we're so excited we've very nearly got poo in our custom-made Combat Evolved underpants. But just when we thought we couldn't get any more hyped, developer Bungie drops this 'Betalicious' Halo 3 multiplayer movie on us. It's almost too much to take.

We could wax lyrical about Halo 3 for a few more paragraphs, but we've said plenty about it already, so watch the movie below and try to keep those twitchy trigger fingers in check for another 4 days, 17 hours, 35 minutes and 23 seconds (at the time of writing), when the public beta finally goes live. It's going to be beautiful.

If you're still a hungry little Spartan, why not check out our Halo 3 visual goodies by clicking on the Images and Movies tabs above the article.


May 11, 2007


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