GTA IV: Forum wishes

Rockstar has been hard at work creating the most anticipated game of all time, and with the release of the first trailer just hours away the excitement is reaching fever pitch.

We certainly have our own ideas of what we’d like to see in the game, but how about you fine people? We headed over to our forum to discover what GamesRadar forumites would like Rockstar's lastest masterpiece to offer.


The leap to next-gen provides Rockstar with a chance to totally overhaul the GTA landscape, despite this, opinion seems to be split on whether a radical change is really needed to make GTA IV a mind blowing experience.

Cheeky Devlin: “I hope Rockstar North haven't just concentrated on making a nice shiny new engine to plug all the same stuff onto. I want a genuine difference beyond just a cosmetic upgrade.”

Loire: “I'd be happy with just a cosmetic upgrade to be honest, that and more great Easter Eggs!”

Stagger Lee: “I genuinely wonder if GTA: Pretty will be enough to keep me happy.”

Burlappens little hat: “this is going to have to be a lot more than just GTA 3 with a new game engine.”

sw26: “I'm not really convinced that a massive overhaul is needed, just a few tweaks and of course a new engine. But the fundamental template is still ok.”

Satriales: “I would like to see hundreds of small details that really make the city feel alive. When I first played GTA3 it was the tiny things that impressed me the most.”


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