Gold-plated Xbox 360 offered as prize in Castle Crashers tournament

The Behemoth giving away a pimp-ass console to the toughest Castle Crashers fighter

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In honor of Castle Crashers' success on XBLA,the developers at The Behemoth have kicked off a Castle Crashers Tournament of Champions that will see one skillful combatant walk away with a 24k gold-plated Xbox 360.

Open to all nimble thumbed warriors with a copy of Castle Crashers on XBLA, the tournament requires players to duke it out in the game's PvP Arena for a spot in the top 100 Weekly Ranked Arena Players leaderboard by January 28th. Those that manage to do so will then face off on February 5thfor a shot at taking home a pimpin' gold plated Xbox Box.

"Yes, a functional Xbox plated in 24k GOLD," writes The Behemoth on its official blog. "Imagine playing on a golden Xbox. Envision the look on your friend%26rsquo;s faces. Kings and Queens would come over to your house to play BattleBlock Theater."

The tournament was launched in celebration for Castle Crashers surpassingthe 2 million player mark. All finalists will receive a undisclosed prize, with second place set to a receive a Castle Crashers themed XboxElite, and the third to receive 250 squishy chickens. Complete details can be found atThe Behemoth Dev Blog.

Jan 10, 2011

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