Ghostbusters vs the Real Ghostbusters

In addition to the proton gun, you'll also be using equipment such as a PKE meter to track spiritual energy. The PKE meter works in a "hot/cold" fashion to highlight undead hotspots. During our short play time this was primarily used to guide us along an exploration path as well as reveal hidden secrets. Environments in all versions are plenty destructible, so if you just want to cause damage (it'll actually track how much damage you do in dollars and total it up at the end of the level) feel free to have fun. Budding Ghostbusters can even write their names on the wall with the proton gun.

Above: Next-gen version

Where the PS3/Xbox 360 and Wii versions diverge again is in the multiplayer aspect. Fighting ghosts sometimes requires a team effort, and if you're playing solo the AI will jump in to help you out. Oddly, only the Wii version offers co-op play. The PS3/Xbox 360 versions will have multiplayer, but will not offer co-op.

Ultimately, seeing the Ghostbusters game in action has us completely stoked, but also completely torn as to which version to keep an eye on.

Above: Next-gen version

On the one hand the PS3/Xbox 360 versions look freakin' awesome, have excellent sound, play well and have multiplayer, but no co-op. The Wii version sucks you into Real Ghostbusters land and simplifies some of the map layouts, but you get a sweet control scheme and true co-op. It's a tough decision, and one that we'll help you make once we see more complete versions of the games early next year.

Dec 4, 2008