Gears of War online adjustments

After all the fuss recently about Microsoft not wanting Epic to release free Gears of War downloadable content (as EA’s paid DLC, for example, would suddenly seem even more asinine by comparison), it has finally been announced that we will see the new Annex multiplayer mode added later today at 4:00 p.m. PDT, as well as a few other changes to the bloodiest game this side of Barbie Horse Adventures.

Along with the new mode, which has players fighting to control areas of the map like Halo 2 ’s Territories, we will see quite a few tweaks to the gameplay balance and UI itself.

Along with improved VGA cable support and general addressing of multiplayer exploits that have popped up, we’ll see changes to the Assassination Gametype (the leader no longer has to unlock weapons and has to be executed to be killed), the Boomshot will have more effective splash damage, the Hammer of Dawn will have an easier time with moving targets, the Roadie Run will be smarter about not accidentally attaching to cover, and the Kill Message Ticker can now be seen while “down-but-not-out” or spectating. Phew.

All of these small changes should add up for a significantly improved online experience with Xbox Live’s most popular game. With news that there are several more maps in the pipeline, it should be a good long while before we finally lay down out chainsaws and move on.

April 9, 2007


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