Gaming's Most Revealing 'Oops' Shots

Pixels, polygons and pants. Game ladies' indiscretions caught in still-frame

Line Kill Spirits

A group of plucky Japanese underwear alchemists have actually managed to create a fighting game centred entirely around the concept of the pantie shot. In Line Kill Spirits, damage inflicted upon your opponent quickly recovers unless you manage to both expose their undercarriage and take a photo. Groundbreaking work, gentlemen, groundbreaking work.

Dead Or Alive

Acrobatic fighting game + short skirt + grapple moves + additional female combatant = crippling chest pains followed by almost instantaneous collapse. Cougar2k9 has compiled a morally devastating nine minutes and seventeen seconds video of this phenomenon. Truly, the man is a pioneer. Remarkably ill of the soul, but a pioneer nontheless.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

We all know that the regal figurehead of the Mushroom Kingdom is an attention-seeking 'ho, and with Brawl she decided to finally throw all caution to the wind and show her true colours. And in this case, those colours are green with white frills.


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