Gaming's Most Revealing 'Oops' Shots

Sega Superstars Tennis

Ulala's debut in Space Channel 5 was the most thinly-disguised carnival of gusset-based exhibitionism ever witnessed by man or beast, so her insertion into a tennis game was only ever going to result in a gleefully unapologetic pants-fest of the highest order.

Resident Evil 4

If Ashley catches you looking up her skirt from a lower level, she'll quickly impliment the much maligned Bunched Skirt Of Dissapointment. But if you're far enough below and possessing of the right technology, she won't catch you. And gentlemen, we have that technology.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

And it's not only the Resi games which contain a fortuitous amount of crotchery. In the second movie, original heroine Jill manages for a few seconds to steal the audience's attention away from young pretender Alice, in order to show the audience her pride in her latest undergarment purchase. "Look at the quality of craftsmanship on that stitchwork", she seems to say. Denkstation's Youtube video even allows you to savour the display in slow motion. We're sure Jill thanks him.

Soul Calibur

Our second example of the eternal symbiosis between fighting games and pants comes in Soul Calibur's Theatre mode. Only this time, the equation is extended to "(Acrobatic fighting game + short skirt) x free camera control = nigh suicidal pants overload."