Gaming's Most Evil Pranks

Find out how to make kids cry, trap your teammates, ruin a funeral, and more

The Maze is an old school prank, packaged as a simple game that charges you with navigating your cursor through a series of mazes without touching any walls. As you progress, the passages become narrower, encouraging the player to lean in closer to the monitor so they can needle their cursor through The Maze’s winding paths. That’s when the game strikes by blowing out your ears with a piercing scream and a disturbing screenshot from The Exorcist.

For years, pranksters have been sharing YouTube videos with candid footage of their friends and co-workers screaming like little schoolgirls when they get to the end of The Maze. But given the way that adults love screwing with the fragile minds of children, there’s no shortage of footage featuring tiny tots sobbing in the corner after experiencing The Maze’s unexpected finale.


The folks from Team Roomba are a bunch of douchebags and we love them for it. Think of them as the Penn %26 Tellers of first-person shooters. These guys have elevated the art of online griefing into a fine art form. One need only look to their most famous Team Fortress 2 video to appreciate how beautiful playing like a bastard can be. After exploiting a bug that allowed Team Roomba to trap their entire team in the spawn room, they proceeded to challenge their angry group with trivia questions in exchange for their freedom.

Above: Snipers like it when you stand in front of them and shoot flames in their face. It makes things more challenging

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