Gamers rock out!


Last but not least, is Musical Oddities: the jams that defy conventional classifications.

Fake. Real. Whatever.We'll go ahead and call Gerry Phillipsthe undisputed King ofPalm Fartage

Since we all know Man will one day be replaced by machine, we'd like to welcome this Tesla coil into the artisitic community. Fingers of lightning, as if Eddie Van Halen were a super villain. Mario's anthemhits a minute in.

Ever see anyone produce the Zelda theme without touching a thing? Believe:

Playing the Mario theme with a ruler?!? Not the best wayto emit sound, but we challenge you to produce better audio from a piece of stationery.

Got any unique examples of you favorite game ditties? Post ‘em intheforum, precious. We wanna see!

Feb 27, 2008